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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico

Betty asks…

What is a good vacation destination for a 21st birthday?

I turn 21 next summer (I know it’s a ways away but most likely I’m going to need to save a lot of money), my first thought would be to go to Vegas. The only problem with that is my best friend won’t be 21 yet so we wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. So now I’m thinking an all inclusive resort in Mexico maybe? Does anyone have any recommendations for me.

Tijuana answers:

Ju8st about any place that you’re interested in could be good. You might consider someplace like Amsterdam, Prague, Montreal, Toronto, … Where your friend’s age won’t matter so much.

Ken asks…

What is the drinking age for cozumel mexico?

I am going to an all inclusive resort in cozumel, mexico i am 20. Will i be able to drink at the resort? or do they follow american laws of 21? i am just curious as to if i will be able to order my own drinks. THANKS 🙂

Tijuana answers:

The legal drinking age is 18 in the entire republic de Mexico and it is Federal law.
That is why so many students go there for spring breaks. BTW it is strictly enforced where there are minor tourists involved

Mark asks…

Where can we find a cheap all inclusive resort for spring break?

My friends and I are looking into all inclusive resorts for spring break in March. Where should we go to get the best bang for our buck? We are looking for a place with a beach, swim up bar, great night life etc. Where would be the best place to go without spending a fortune on flights and the hotel?

Tijuana answers:

No question MEXICO is you best bet for a cheap all inclusive with lots of free food and drinks and nightlife. Head for CANCUN.

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