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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico

Michael asks…

How do I get a cheap or free upgrade at resort in Ixtapa?

I’m going to be staying at an allinclusive resort in Ixtapa, Mexico in December for the first time, I would love an upgrade to a nicer room than the basic room my girlfriend and I got. How easy is this to do in a resort in Mexico? I’ve gotten upgrades to suites in Vegas by slipping a $20 in the past. Does this approach work down there??

Tijuana answers:

As KJ said, unfortunately december is not the best time to try to get this update because most hotels have full capacity. It always works in “low season”.

But give a try, maybe you can get it.

Sandy asks…

Cash or travelers checks for my trip to Mexico?

I’m going to an all inclusive resort in Mexico and have never been to the country. I don’t need to take alot of money but I want some money on hand for small purchases and a tour to Chichen Itza. I do not want to use my credit card because of fees charged by my bank for international purchases. Should I take cash and convert to mexican currency when I arrive or should I take travelers checks? I have about $500 to take, what should I do?

Tijuana answers:

If you pay in dollars, you will not get your money’s worth. They just round it off to 10 pesos per dollar…so you pay more. The actual exchange rate now is about 11 pesos to the dollar. It is better to use Mexican currency even if the place where you are accepts American dollars. Travellers checks are a pain to use here. The BEST thing to do is use your ATM card. You can take out the money in pesos as you need it and you get the best exchange rate. So not carry more than a small amount of cash at a time.

Laura asks…

Where are some good All Inclusive Resorts in Mexico?

My boyfriend and I are looking for a nice All inlucisve resort in mexico in May. Preferably a place that includes air fair in the price. Do you know a great website with specials? Been to a great resort? Please answer!

Tijuana answers:

Try the link I have listed below. Once you click on the link, click on Exclusively Mexico (you can’t miss it, it is right by the big, blue rectangle that says Mexico on it.

Right below that, it has a link you can click on to get hotel/airfares. The link name is Si-Mexico Hotel and Resort Travel guide. Just click on travel packages.

You can book online or call their 800 number they have listed.

The really nice thing about this link is that it provides phone numbers (such as contacting a U.S. Embassy in the area where you will end up staying). Just click on the second link and it will give you this information.

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