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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico

Paul asks…

I hate all inclusive resorts. Where in Mexico/Caribbean/South America should I go?

I went to Tulum, Mexico and loved it. I like to get a taste of local culture rather than experience the artificial environment of an allinclusive resort. Safety is important and I am a fan of beach vacations. I’d appreciate any tips!

Tijuana answers:

Have you ever tried to rent a villa/house and explore a island? Check out the USVI. In particular the island of St John. It’s a small island of less than 6,000 people. You fly into St Thomas and take the ferry over to St John.

Laurence Rockefeller purchased 5,000 acres of land in 1956 from a Danish West Indies Company. He gave it to the US to preserve the land and designated the land to be a National Park. About 2/3rds of the island is park land. The island is stunning with it’s beautiful white sand beaches and Caribbean water.

Rent a villa high in the mountains with a pool and hot tub. Provision it yourself from local markets.
Explore the island and go to a different beach every day.

It’s an American owned island and very safe. If you want to explore further you are a ferry ride away from the British Virgin islands.
Only 2 big resorts on the island Westin and Caneel Bay. The rest are villa rentals and B & B type places or condos.

Check it out. Http://

Good Luck)

Mandy asks…

Is it safe to Vacation in Cancun this December?

I am thinking of taking my wife to an all inclusive resort in Cancun Mexico early in December. What should I know to stay safe and avoid the dreaded and infamous,”water problems”?

Tijuana answers:

Very simple…simply do not drink tap water or brush your teeth with it. All hotels supply bottled water in the rooms for you, or they have their own filtration system for the whole hotel. All resorts and restaurants use bottled or filtered water to prepare food, make ice, and serve to customers.. Millions of tourists co to Cancun every year, some get sick…may be from forgetting and brushing their teeth with tap water…or they could have just caught a virus…just like you can do in the U.S.

Jenny asks…

Where is the best vacation destination in Mexico?

I want to fly to Mexico to warm up! Which area would you recommend? I have been looking at allinclusive resorts. Do you think these are worth the money?

Tijuana answers:

Chiapas baby!!! This place is out of this world.

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