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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico

Sharon asks…

Besides resorts, where in Mexico do you recommend for a vacation?

I dont like all inclusive resort type places, nor do I want some spring break, party central. Any good suggestions for a town/city in Mexico that does not fall into those categories?

Tijuana answers:

Alright! Let’s get to the point here, if you want to go to Mexico, get there! It is false that you might get kidnapped for ransom anywhere in the touristic cities, unless of course you are flashing every one with a pack of $100.00 bills =) now, let me tell you that Mexico has thousands of beautiful cities that might be very interesting… Guanajuato city is one of them, (one of the very first cities founded in the whole continent) very famous for its mummies (yeah, not only Egypt has mummies) Want beach? Try Huatulco (it has it’s own international airport)… Virgin sand, coral reefs, diving… Etc. Whant some adventure? Try Chihuahua, you can try the train trip from Creel to Mazatlan and admire all of the Tarahumara tribes towns and crafts… Want some mariachi and tequila?… Go to Zapopan Jalisco, home of the Tequila, get some Margaritas and dance “Guadalajara”… Want peace and quiet? Go to Veracruz, or to Cosamaloapan, Ver. Get a nice “hamaca” and enjoy the evening under the breeze… Mexico is not only narcs, crime and kidnappers, you can walk in Mexico city at night and admire the old buildings all for yourself without any problem. But as I said before don’t show you got loads of money with you or even locals get in trouble for that… Mexico is a nice place to visit… And to spend the last years of your life… Beleive me I’ve been living in Mexico city for the last 10 years, and I love it!

Steven asks…

Looking for a good adult only all inclusive in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen area.?

We are taking a trip to Mexico in February and wanted to stay in the Cancun/Playa area. Would like input on the adult only all inclusive resorts. We are looking to just take it easy poolside. Not wanting a major partying resort.

Tijuana answers:

The Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya is between Cancun and PDC. Click this link and view the pictures and read the details:

Betty asks…

Can you Drink in Jamaica at all inclusive resorts when 17?

we are going to be going on a trip for spring break and we would normally go to mexico so the kids can drink.
but we are thinking about going to jamaica this year.
but we are wondering if the kids who are still 17 if they will be able to go up the bar at our all inclusive resort and order drinks.

Tijuana answers:

Legally you can’t, but no one will say anything. I recently returned from Jamaica at an all inclusive (RIU) and no one cared. They didn’t even look at the wristbands or anything. They even ask you straight up whether you want liquor in your drink or not.

Kids can get stuff from the bars too (obviously not liquor) so basically anyone can order drinks.

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