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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico

Steven asks…

How safe is it to travel to Mexico?

My boyfriend is traveling to Guadalajara, Mexico next Wednesday-Saturday for a work event and will be staying at an all inclusive resort but I am wondering how safe it really is. I am a bit on the paranoid side sometimes but I have heard many things about drug wars going on down there and now the outbreak of the swine flu. How safe is it to be traveling to mexico at this time? Any suggestions on precautions that should be taken?

Tijuana answers:

People are exaggerating. Like the US or any other place, you must know where to travel to. Don’t go to Chihuahua for example, or any boarder country, go to Acapulco, Cuernabaca, or one of the nicest places Mexico City. In fact, the most dangerous country in Mexico is Chihuahua, and Detroit is 10 times more dangerous that Chihuahua. Go to Mexico City, Guadalajara, or any of those places. Its great/

James asks…

What are the rules of an adults only pool in mexico?

We are taking a trip to the an all inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta and just wondered if anyone knew what they meant by adults only pool. Is it clothing optional?? Or is it just a quiet place to get away from noisy kids?? Or both??

Tijuana answers:

Unless you are at a specifically “Adult” resort, my guess is that it is just the one with no kids.

There are some Adult Resorts in PV… But chances are you are not at one of them… Otherwise you wouldn’t be asking!

Richard asks…

Where is better for a couple to vacation: Cozumel or Puerto Vallarta?

My husband and I would like to go to Mexico for our first wedding anniversary and we would like to go to Mexico. We are having trouble deciding between Cozumel and Puerto Vallarta. We are looking for an all inclusive resort, a place to relax with nice beaches, but also a place where we can go on a few excursions. Let me know! Thank you!

Tijuana answers:

Between the 2 i would pick Puerto Vallarta hands down. Cozumel on it’s own doesn’t offer much except snorkeling and scuba diving. It may have better beaches than some in P.V. If that’s all your looking for but P.V. Offers alot of off resort things to do, it has old world charm and history. I like Neuvo Vallarta area the beaches are lovely. For a small island i would rather go to Isla Mujeres which is an option you just have to take a different ferry when leaving the Cancun airport. Fabulous caribbean beaches and a fun place i prefer it over Cozumel. Have fun and Enjoy 🙂

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