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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico

Helen asks…

What would you pack if you were bringing 5 kids 5 and under including triplet 18 monthers to Mexico (resort)?

I’m going to an allinclusive resort in Cancun with a 5 year old, 3 year old, and 18 month old triplets (4 adults total and we’re flying). We’ll be there for one week. What should we bring? Anything odd that you thought of afterwards? Or cool tips that you’ve heard? THANK YOU!

Tijuana answers:


Mandy asks…

Is the Palladium Mayan Riviera resort in Cancun strict on underage drinking?

This summer I will be going to Mexico and staying at the all inclusive resort the Palladium Mayan Riveria. I’m 17, not quite 18 and I was wondering if they were strict on their underage drinking. I’ve gotten away with it at other resorts. I just covered up my resort braclet displaying that i was underage and just told them i was 18 if they asked. I was just wondering if I could get away with it at this resort?

Tijuana answers:

Hi CarterR

Sure! You can drink alcohol but you must be responsible.
Enjoy your vacations at The Mexican Paradise! & care yourself.. Ok?

Thomas asks…

Is there surf in all inclusive resort in Mexico?


I would like to know if there is an all inclusive resort in Mexico that has a surfing beach for intermediate surfers either at the resort or nearby and accessible.


Tijuana answers:

It’s not all inclusive, but you might want to consider Troncones Point Surf Club:

But if you simply have to have an all inclusive resort, I recommend Dreams Villamagna Nuevo Vallarta:

Then you’d be 20 minutes away from the nice breaks at Sayulita:

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