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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico Cancun

Richard asks…

How easy is it for a 17 year-old to be served alcohol at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico?

In a few months, my family and I will be vacationing at the Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar resort located in Playa Paraíso, Mexico. I am 17 years old and I’m very confident that I look over 18 years of age. Will the bars serve me alcohol without my parents present? My parents allow me to drink, I just do not want to inconvenience them by requesting their assistance every time I want to order alcohol.

Tijuana answers:

You will be asked for your Passport at check-in and given a wristband that is color coded and indicates you are a minor.
Should you screw up you will do a lot more that inconvenience your folks. They are responsible for you .
Any other place in Mexico……I have been served by a 13 year old working at a bar. I knew she was young so I asked. IT turns out she was the owners cousin.
Not in Cancun and especially not in the hotel zone.
Mexico has there laws , I suggest you don`t ignore them If you do don`t get caught urinating whever you fee like….That`s 2 days in Jail or a couple hundred Pesos to the cops.

Charles asks…

How much money should I bring to Cancun for 5 days?

I’m staying at an all inclusive resort for 5 days so don’t include food/drinks in the amount, unless you have a great restaurant to recommend! Also, please include some fun activities to participate in while vacationing in Cancun

Tijuana answers:

I go to Can Cun at least twice a year, and All Inclusive is the best bargain around. I do have some advice that works very well for me. Take very little cash with you if you can get a credit or debit card from your bank that will work in Mexico. I use Bank of America and I can draw funds out of my savings, checking or credit advance. The conversion charge from dollars to peso’s is horribly high at the hotel desk, or at the private money exchangers.

If you do take dollars with you, exchange them only at the Government Exchange Offices. The conversion rate is the best rate you will get in Mexico.

Use the ATM to Draw out in Peso’s only the amount you expect to spend. If you need to draw out more pesos, the bank will have only one conversion fee unless your trip overlaps two billing cycles. Again, keep in mind there is no place to convert pesos back to dollars. You are stuck with pesos when your trip ends. All you can do is save them for your next trip.

Even though you Do Not have to tip, it is surely appreciated by the staff that earns an average of $10 U.S. Per week.
Take $25 in US $1 bills and use them to tip the staff, sparingly so they won’t expect it of you. When you tip, the word gets around and your service goes from very good to excellent. The drink servers at the stage shows and on the beach keep you supplied better than the rest of the crowd. The restaurant staff are right on the spot to get whatever you want. Even the maids left a gift for my son on his birthday, and they could only know that by checking his information at check in time.

Excursions ad Shopping will be your major cost. The price of excursions vary, but overall they average about $75 US per person per excursion. My two favorite excursions are the Catamaran / Snorkeling excursion that includes a Luau Dinner, and Xel-Ha Water Park in an ocean lagoon, It is really different from your American Water Park and it is also inclusive. Your admission includes all you can eat and drink including alcohol. Just keep going back whenever you want something to eat or drink.

Shopping is cheaper the farther from the tourist area you get. In the tourist area expect to pay more than it would cost you at home for similar items.

Most hotels provide non-motorized activities, such as hobie cat sail boats and other surf toys.

Paul asks…

Where should I go for my next spring vacation?

My husband and I visited:
(2010) Majestic elegance Punta Cana
(2011) Live Aqua in Cancun
(2012) Iberostar Grand Punta Cana-Beautiful hotel, beach, and great people/service.
(2013) Iberostar Grand Paraiso in Playa del Carmen Mexico-By far the best all inclusive resort we ever been to. Just named #1 All inclusive in the world and #1 All inclusive in Mexico!!!

We are torn between going back to Iberostar Grand in mexico for a second time or try another all inclusive Iberostar Grand Rose Hall in Jamaica since we’ve never been there (it is #4 in the world I think).
But I am afraid we will be disappointed even though we want to go somewhere different. The beach and the resort def looks more nicer in mexico The pictures of the Jamaica iberostar just is not as nice as the IBerostar grand in Mexico that won our heart last year.

Should we go to Iberostar grand Jamaica and risk being disappointed? Or just stick with the best and what we are already comfortable with?

At first I don’t know why I can’t decide on other hotels but now I know why since Iberostar grand mexico was named #1 in the world.

But where should I go???

Tijuana answers:

Hi ABC123,

According to your definitely prefer the awarded hotels, the only one i could suggest you is the Hard Rock Punta Cana, i think you should give it a try it’s a very nice hotel with great service.

Where ever you decide to go Just have fun and learn as much as you can about the place and review it yourself, so other travelers can have feedback from normal and real consummer!

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