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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico Cancun

Helen asks…

How much should I expect to pay for 2 people for a week in Cancun? (Hotel, Food, Drinks)?

I am considering either getting an allinclusive for a week or getting a 4 star hotel for a week.

Tijuana answers:

If cost is a factor, then you are thinking about going to THE most expensive place in Mexico. I think everyone should go at least once because of the archaeological sites on the Peninsula.

Cancun is in Mexico but Mexico is not in Cancun.
Everywhere you turn it is one big tourist trap and costs are two to three times the cost of west coast resorts.. You can get charged $ 8,00 usd for a Margarita when the Bar is buying a bottle for $10.00 just for an example.

You should look in to a package if it`s a week and take your Debit card with you as there are ATMs all over.
There are other great places in Mexico where you can have twice the fun at half the cost.
There is not much to do on the hotel strip in Cancun if you don`t drink and party, so you will have to move around and see the Ruins or other out of town activities and that can eat up your budget.
All ocean aactivitiesare twice what they are elsewhere. I hear Wave runners are $120.00 an hour, Deep sea fishing from $500.00, Parasailing $60.00.
I would suggest the west coast.
I asked myself a long time ago…..Should I go to Cancun for a week or the west coast for one month….for the same cost.

Chris asks…

Whats the drinking age at an all inclusive mexican resort?

Im 16, and my family is going to a mexican resort (Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Hotel and Spa) and I was wondering what the drinking age is in mexico and if they will care enough to ID. Im not really bent on the alcohol part of the trip, but i was just wondering if i would be able to drink while there.

Tijuana answers:

You May if you go in to the centre of Cancun where not many have the Boils to do so. Why would a Waiter and Hotel Manager risk their livelihoods for a 16 year old that can`t handle 4 doubles??
The age is 18 and I wish you luck if you end up in a Mexican Prison.
Please don`t say I did not warn you!!!
They will take your Passport and give you the corresponding colored Wristband and you will not be served by an employee.
If your parents want you to drink WTF. Honey Boo Boo is an up and coming otra Lindsay Lohan pos.

Natalie Holloway ..RIP!!

Mary asks…

Can I use a Starwood week to book at a RCI resort?

I have 3 vacation weeks with Starwood and I want to book at the Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico (Which I think is booked via RCI). Is it possible to convert one of my Starwood weeks to book 7 nights at Moon Palace through RCI?

Tijuana answers:

It depends on what the exchange agreement there is with RCI.

If Starwood doesn’t have the agreement then you can’t.

But FYI, if you book Moon Palace as a timeshare, there is a required all-inclusive fee. That fee is usually more than what it would cost you to book the hotel through Expedia.

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