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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico Cancun

Charles asks…

what is a good place for 18 year olds to stay in Cancun? All unclusive?

me and my friends want to stay in an all inclusive resort, somewhere that is a safe resort in Cancun that allows drinking at 18, thanks!

Tijuana answers:

The drinking age in Mexico is 18, so all hotels will allow you to drink.

There are SO MANY resorts. It depends what you are looking for. I do know that the old Oasis Cancun (now called the Be Live) is very popular with younger visitors.

Have fun!

John asks…

Do they have the wine cooler Skyy Blue in Cancun, Mexico?

I’ll be going to Cancun and I would love to have a Skyy Blue!! It’s my favorite drink and they stopped selling them in Ohio. I would really love to have one. It’s a type of vodka cooler (i think) in a small blue bottle. It sort of looks like a smaller version of the big bottle of Skyy Vodka.

Tijuana answers:

I know for a fact that Skyy products are sent to distributers in Cancun. So, yes, somwhere in Cancun you can get Skyy Blue. My guess is that you’ll have the most luck at one of the “All Inclusive” resorts or one of the high end nightclubs.

Lizzie asks…

when is the best month to travel to mexico?

I want to take my two teenage daughters to Mexico and would like to know the best time to travel and suggestions on the best value without compromising quality.

Tijuana answers:

My husband and I go to the Riviera Maya area in Mexico every year South of Cancun We usually go the first part of Dec.After that prices seem to go up. We love the Iberostar Tucan resort. All Inclusive, except motorized watersports. It has a disco and many daily activities and nightly shows.The beach is beautiful and is close to shopping and parks. It is an 45-50 min. Taxi ride from Cancun airport.I think it is a good value for what you get.Go into and compare prices from 1st Dec. Through March. I think you will see a big difference in prices.The hurricane hit Cancun hard and we heard from the locals that they lost much of their beaches. The farther south from Cancun the better.Cancun is working hard to restore the damage. Maybe by the time you go,much will be reparied and you can resort there. Your travel agent would know more. Have a great time wherever you go!

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