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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico Cancun

Laura asks…

Mexico vacation all inclusive or not?

I am looking to take my GF to either Cancun, Cozumel, Playa De Carmen, or Riviera Maya for our anniversary in January/February. The question I have is an AllInclusive resort worth it in those areas? I mean the only things we would take advantage of in an allinclusive resort is the food and alcohol, and how expensive are those items in these vacation spots to justify the allinclusive part?

Tijuana answers:

In my opinion, YES, all inclusive is totally worth it!

If you are taking your girlfriend to celebrate an anniversary, find a nice all inclusive and pamper yourselves.

Ruth asks…

How much Mexican peso do I need for my spending money?

I’m going to Mexico next month for 2 weeks all inclusive and was just wondering how much other people take? There is just two of us going and we don’t go silly with spending. Maybe buy 1 nice gift each then others just small souvenirs for family. Oh and also a trip out to cancun for the day as we are staying in tulum 🙂 help please?

Tijuana answers:

We take with us, one Visa and one debit card on our bank. Before leaving we contact our card company to let them know we may be using our cards in Mexico, and the day we will return home.
For the two of us we take $500.00 Canadian, or approx 314 British pounds in pesos that we get at our bank. You may have to order them a couple of weeks in advance. We also take $1500.00 in Canadian cash, approx 944 pounds. We exchange this to pesos as we need it at the resort. Always put what you don’t need along with your travel documents in the room safe. We use our visa card for tours and excursions that we book through our resort, which is the safest and best way. You will be offered discount prices from many different people outside of your resort. It’s best to ignore them.
Always tip for good service, what ever you feel comfortable with. The people that take care of you do not make very much money. If you have to use your debit card, a bank machine is best. Some others charge a large transaction fee. While out of your resort, don’t carry a lot of money in one pocket or wallet. I always wear a pair of shorts with several pockets, and carry my money in each pocket. This way I’m not flashing a lot of money around when paying for things. Keep a close eye on your belongings while out, and don’t wear expensive jewelry.
Your resort will change pounds to pesos at the daily rate, when and if needed. We always end up bringing money home with us, and save our pesos for our next holiday.
Tulum is a very nice area, and I’m sure you will have a great time.

George asks…

How expensive are restaurants in Cancun, Mexico?

I am debating to stay at Royal Solaris-all inclusive or the Hyatt which is not all inclusive.

Tijuana answers:

Go with the all inclusive at Royal Solaris. Have you looked into the RIU Resorts. They are my favorite. I am a travel agent and would be glad to help you if you like. I know all the resorts……actually, I live in Cancun now. You won’t regret doing the all inclusive… ends up being cheaper in the end…..and it is so convenient. Restaurants in Cancun are expensive…….unless you go to the downtown area…..and some of those can be quite expensive. RIU Caribe is a great resort…..RIU Cancun is also great…and within walking distance to party center. Listen, send me email to and I will answer all your questions about any of the resorts you are considering. Happy Traveling to Cancun.

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