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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico Cancun

Maria asks…

How much spending money do i need for Mexico?

Hello me and my husband are going on a all inclusive holiday to Mexico Cancun. And really not sure how much money we should take? I have never been all inclusive before and we plan to do as many excursions as we can. Its our honeymoon so we don’t want to worry about money and want to be able to do everything we want. So how much would everyone recommend?

Tijuana answers:

For your excursions use a credit card, and book through your resort. There will be plenty of people offering you discount tours and excursions. Best not to be interested in these. Some are timeshare promotions which will be a waste of your time. Others, I wouldn’t trust. Take a debit card with you. Don’t forget to contact your bank and credit card company to let them know you could be using them in Mexico.

My wife and I take 5000 pesos with us, and $1500.00 in Canadian funds. This goes into our safe at the resort. The pesos, we use for tips and some shopping, but never carry more than 1000 pesos at a time when out of the resort. If we run short, we use either a credit card or find an ATM for our debit card. We use the Canadian funds to convert to pesos as we need them at the resort. We always seem to make it home with money in our pockets. This is for two weeks for two people. Some people feel more comfortable with a credit and debit card. We use cash and cards. That is what we are comfortable with. Be careful of some of the ATM machines. If they are not bank machines, they can have quit a charge for using your debit card. One Machine I was going to use was going to charge me $50.00 U.S. For $500.00 U.S. Withdrawal. I waited until I found a bank machine.

Richard asks…

What is a good resort in Cancun for 18 year olds?

I am going to Cancun for my birthday with my 2 friends and we are all 18. What is a nice all inclusive resort we could go to in the summer? I have looked some up and I can’t really make up my mind. I want to make sure there will be people our age and that the hotel will be pretty and nice looking cause I want to have an AMAZING time. Thank you:)

Tijuana answers:

It depends what your looking for in a resort. As you say, it’s difficult to make up your mind. There are so many to choose from. Are you wanting to stay in the hotel zone, which is close to Cancun and the night life. South of Cancun is the Mayan Riviera, which is more beautiful. Resorts are on the beach, and most have Access roads off the hwy through the jungle. Life is more laid back and the gardens are very colourful. They have day and night activities and entertainment. Do you want adult only resorts. 18 and up, no kids. These are great places, also located in the hotel zone, and Mayan Riviera, same with family resorts. If you don’t mind kids and you like the hotel zone, then I suggest the Riu Cancun

Another Riu resort in the Mayan Riviera

Riu has several resorts you can choose from on their web site.

Adult only, I suggest any of the Secrets resorts Some resorts, both adult and family may have an age limit on the rental. Even though 18 is considered an adult, some resort have a limit of 21 and older. A travel agent can check this for you. They can also help you decide on area of Cancun, and best resorts for your budget if you have one.

Linda asks…

Where to go for a tropical family vacation in December that includes 6 adults, a 1.5 year old, a 6 month old?

I’m wondering what places there are that are nice ALL INCLUSIVE resorts where kids are welcome. As the kids are still babies, we don’t need a “kid centered” resort. Since we would be bringing all we need to entertain the kiddos themselves, we’d like a resort that is focused more on adult enjoyment. Lots of good restaurants, nice relaxing pools, etc. Something in the Carribean or maybe Mexico would be ideal – although i’m very open to any suggestions. Thanks for your time!

We’ve been to Jamaica, St.Lucia, Dominica, Playa Del Carmen MX, Cancun MX, and others along those lines… but this will be our first time travelling since the birth of our son and therefore it’s a whole new deal!! (:

Tijuana answers:

Costa Rica has beaches, volcanos, jungles, and lots of friendly people. Los Suenos Marriott Resort is on the ocean with golf, a spa, etc. The Costa Rica Marriott in San Jose is also nice and centrally located but not on the beach. Tiskita Jungle Lodge is close to Panama on the beach and jungle as well but isolated. Also the Arenal Observatory Lodge is beautiful. Costa Rica has a lot to offer adults and it’s educational for children. You can zip line, take a jeep up a volcano, surf, fish, horse back ride, etc. And the food is very good too.

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