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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Adults

Lisa asks…

Can I get free drinks or buy drinks in restaurants or at resorts in Cancun if I’m under 18?

I’m 19 but my boyfriend is 17, we are going to cancun in march break. I wanted to know if he could drink with me without getting in trouble.

Tijuana answers:

He won`t get in trouble You will ! If he gets drunk and does something stupid you will regret it. Even if your of age you had better be careful.
No , not in a 4 or 5 star all inclusive. You can buy the booze and have a few before you go out. Or you can order and he can sneak a few. Don`t forget where you are.
You are an adult here in Mexico , he is a child until his 18th birthday.

Charles asks…

I am going to Mexico All Inclusive, how much should i bring?

I am going to mexico, and my hotel i am staying in is all inclusive, how much spending money do you think i should bring for 2 adults.

Tijuana answers:

It depends on the resort you are staying in, I went to Cancun All Inclusive and found there was so much to do out side of the hotel that I spent just as much in spends as I did on the all inclusive……

Have a great time it is a beautiful place.

Sandra asks…

I’m looking for a list of adult-only resorts in Cancun?

I’m looking for a reasonably priced, all inclusive adults only resort in Cancun for this coming August. By adults-only, i definitely do NOT mean a “sexy” place, or any type of alternative lifestyle place. My boyfriend and I would just like to relax without obnoxious kids running around and ruining vacation. Where can I find a list of places like this? Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

The Palace Resorts have several couples/adult only resorts and they are not clothing optional or alternative lifestyle type place.

What I like about the Palace resorts is the food and drink is very good, the staff is attentive and they also include some free perks like excursions or swim with the dolphins.


Sun Palace and Aventua Spa Palace are adult only resorts.

If that doesn’t do it for you, check out this list.

Enjoy and good luck)

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