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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Adults

Lizzie asks…

What is the best adults only all inclusive resort for partying?

My husband and I are trying to plan a vacation with about 5 other couples. We have stayed at a Sandals Resort before and it was very low key and relaxing. That is not the type of trip we are wanting this time. We are wanting to find an all inclusive that is more on the partying side. Something that doesn’t shut down at midnight. We live in Florida so caribbean or mexico is probably going to be the cheapest flight prices. Thanks for your help.

Tijuana answers:

Hello, I am in the process of working on building a website promoting Jamaica Vacations. From my research, the resort that mostly stands out for serious party people, is the Hedonism Resorts. Hedonism II in Negril is very lively indeed and definitely is a resort for the more energetic vacationer.

You can check out Hedonism II on my site at, or you can go directly to their website at and check out their theme nights, entertainment and more.

Of course, Negril has other entertainment spots for partying, if you need a change from your resort during your stay. Have a great visit.

Ruth asks…

Which All-Inclusive Resort and Honeymoon Destination is the best in your opinion?

Sandals VS Couples VS Secrets….Oh My

My fiance and I are looking for a place to spend our honeymoon in June 2013. We have been flooding ourselves with different options – Sandals, Couples, Secrets, etc.

We cannot decide on where to go (Caribbean, Mexico, V.I., etc.)

We just want to hear your opinion and hopefully you can help us make this decision easier. We know that our honeymoon will be great no matter where we go, but we would like some help from you 🙂

Please keep in mind that we will most-likely use this Yahoo Answer to book our Honeymoon destination!

Tijuana answers:

The ones you listed are all pretty similar, unless you’re going for one with a particularly adult-oriented slant like Hedonism 2. If not, the concept is the same – pay your money in advance, go hang out on the beach, have all the food and alcohol included in the up-front price.

Given that, I’d mostly be about the deal. Compare airfare, compare sales, compare deals. All sales are not created equal. Wherever the best deal lies……I’d choose that one.

Good luck!

Susan asks…

What is the best all inclusive tropical resort?

looking to go on a all inclusive tropical trip. Any suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

I do not know where Mark has gone.. But I do not agree at all.
You want an all inclusive resort. Jamaica has a lot to chose from and it will depend on what YOU want.
We have direct exp. With two resorts. One is very adult and enjoys that fully. Hedonism III and II are for ppl who are adults, sexually mature and able to kick back and enjoy that part of them. Then around the bay from Hedo III my older teen boys had a blast with us for a week. IT is all about finding out what you want to do when at the resort. My boys wanted to have a lot of water sports, lots of food (growing boys after all) and to be independent most of the time. Breezes let all of that happen. The boys were also able to go on a Zip Line trip off resort that was great.

Read the trip reports about the resorts you find that have what you think your after. Know some ppl will have picked un-wisely and will not like the resort your looking at. Case in point is when a small group of ladies were asking to be moved out of Hedo the first year we were there. It seems they had not read the trip reports that told about the place. Supper Clubs did move them with little fuss by the way.

As to Mexico. We did an all inclusive on the Maya Rivira that board us to death. Great food but my idea of fun is NOT sleeping on a nice bed next to the sea. It might be yours however.

Hope that helps

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