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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Adults

William asks…

Five star beach resorts in carribean and mexico?

I am interested in going to a five star, all inclusive, adult only and preferably not all honeymooners beach resort in the Caribbean or Mexico (the east side of Mexico). Does anyone have any suggestions or know a travel agency that can help me? I have done some research on the web, but I do not want to end up at a nudist colony or swingers place!

Tijuana answers:

Well. Since you seem to be a genuine person with a real need.. Instead of these delusional 15 year old girls on here.. I’ll take you at your word and pass this on to you.

Look at the resorts on St. Lucia. It is arguably the most female friendly island in the Caribbean with it’s white and black sand beaches, the volcano, the rain forest and the best SPA in the Caribbean.. Not all the resorts are 5 star, but the ambiance makes up for it.

St. Lucia

Chris asks…

What is the best all inclusive vacation in mexico from boston?

We are two adults and want to relax; we do not need a resort with loads of activities

Tijuana answers:

Click this link and plug your dates into the search box on the left:

Laura asks…

What is the best all-inclusive resort for teens in Jamaica?

Me and a few friends are looking for a place to go for our spring break. We want someplace that will be great for teens we like to party a little bit, but aren’t crazy, love beaches, and just chilling in general. We also want a resort that has water-sports like jet-skiing, wind surfing, and stuff like that. We are thinking about Jamaica, but are open to other Caribbean locations (but not Mexico).

Tijuana answers:

You do know you need to go with someone who is over 21 and has a MAJOR CREDIT CARD.. Not a DEBIT card.. Right.. Because NO RESORT , ESPECIALLY an all-inclusive resort.. Is going to rent out rooms.. To spring breakers.. Unless there is an ADULT along to pay for all the damages a bunch of inexperienced DRUNK CHILDREN can manage to breakup. Sprig Brekers are just too much trouble for most resorts to want to deal with them and their IMMATURE WAYS

Resorts don’t rent out rooms to CHILDREN.. Jamaica is about the only Caribbean island that will consider taking SPRING BREAKERS because the other islands in the Caribbean don’t really want their Business.

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