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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Adults

James asks…

Where are the BEST adult only resorts?

My wife and I are expecting our third child any day now. We have not had a tropical vacation “alone” in years. In April we are planning a weekend getaway. We are searching for an adult only venue. Hey, if I am away from my kids, I dont need any other kids running around. We are not swingers, yet we are also not affraid to take our clothes off in public given the vibe and situation. I am looking for a clean, safe, beautiful adult only resort in a tropical location that will not cripple me financially…. Please Help.

Tijuana answers:

Forget about all of the Hedo Resorts. We’ve been to them and once we found Desire, we completely gave up on Hedo. At Hedo, there were too many pushy guys there that really scared us off. Desire is a very beautiful, peaceful resort that is situated between Cancun and Cozumel, Mexico. There is a beautiful clothing optional pool that you can relax in during the day, a naked rooftop hottub, beautiful clothing optional beaches, and a great nightclub you can enjoy on the ground. They can also make regular excursions away from the resort for snorkeling, scuba diving, and Mayan Ruin tours. Sometimes they even offer things such as nude snorkeling and skinny dipping in a Cenote.

If you are not swingers, that is completely OK. Because this is a “Lifestyle” resort, it also caters to nudists and naturalists. The only restriction that the resort has is that you be a M/F couple. No F/F or M/M couples are allowed.

Also, the resort is all inclusive so even if the price seems a bit steep, this includes 24/7 alcohol, as much food as you can eat during the day, your room, and some give-aways/contests they have a the pool.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us.

Enjoy…we always do.

(PS-We are going back in July.)

Lizzie asks…

Where should my boyfriend and I go in the Carribean on vacation?

My boyfriend and I want to go on an all inclusive in the beginning of October. We are trying to decide but there are so many places! We are pretty much ruling out Mexico due to the swine flu and other stuff going on there now. We just want to relax and have a romantic get away. It has basically come down to either
-Aruba or
-Jamaica (Negril)
but other options are open
St. Lucia looks pretty nice as well.
Any input would really help us out thanks!!

Tijuana answers:

You have to keep in mind that hurricane season runs from June 1st until November 30th.

Aruba is out of the hurricane belt so are Curacao and Bonaire. Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago are basically out of that belt although I am not sure of St. Lucia.

St. Lucia is definitely a natural beauty. You can also consider Barbados, too.

Barbados has Little Arches that received an award this year from TripAdvisor although I’m not sure if it’s an all inclusive one.


However, there are Almond Resorts in either St. Lucia or Barbados. An adults only all inclusive one is at Beach Club & Spa one in Barbados.


You can also check the Sandals locations in either Jamaica (there’s one in Negril) or St. Lucia:

As for Aruba, I believe you could check Hyatt out. You may consider the others in the area if you’re interested.


Hope this helps especially with your decisions.

Sandy asks…

Can anyone help me find a teen/adult friendly all-inclusive resort?

Our family wants to go on a vacation about this april and its going to be two adults and two 15-year-olds. We want to have enough for all of us to do without getting bored. We’re looking for a resort perferrable in Mexico, or the Carribean. And there has to be golf on-site, or at least close by. I’ve looked at Beaches resorts, and they look wonderful its just that they’re way too expensive.

Tijuana answers:

Hi, absolutely, don’t fall for the advertised prices, get on the phone and call the hotel and haggle haggle and barter and barter, you will get a better deal. As far as all inclusive places, I recommend you go to this website and look at the hotels they have. The important thing to remember here is that a lot of places are really fun, and you’re certain to have a blast most likely anywhere you go, but just remember to really negotiate the prices, these hotel owners are STARVING for money so be sure and keep this in mind. You will get a good price, I promise! I hope this helps, if you think it does, I’d appreciate the ten points, thanks!

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