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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Adults

Jenny asks…

What’s better: All-Inclusive Resort or Cruise?

We are trying to decide on what type of vacation to take this summer. I have been on a cruise before so I know what that is like, but have never been to an AllInclusive Resort (say in Mexico). It will be a group of 10 adults, ages ranging from 25 yrs to 55 yrs (but a very active 55). Thoughts and experiences would be appreciated! Thanks!!!

Tijuana answers:

The THIRD alternative:

The 10 of you (5 couples??) could easily rent a Caribbean villa and split the costs. There are such homes with enough bedrooms for all.

Benefits: you’d get to stay in greater luxury (and privacy) at a much lessor cost. Probably be in a residential area; much quieter; your own pool & parking — not have to share with 500 other guests.
Con: It’s not a “package” deal; you’d have to either cook your own meals OR travel to a restaurant; A rental car will be a necessity, not just an option.

Commentary: My wife & I did a honeymoon-vacation on St Martin this past summer. We stayed in a 1-bedroom villa for MUCH LESS than a resort-quality hotel. We had total privacy… Throughout the house, on the deck, and in the pool. (think about it. Hehehe.) We had the fun of trying a different restaurant every night, and swim at a different beach every day. Oh… ALL the beaches on St Martin are “topless”, and a few select spots (Orient Beach) are nude beaches. IF you go to St Martin, find the Sunset Beach Bar, located at the end of the airport runway. Topless ladies drink free at the bar.

Thomas asks…

what should i pack for Cancun next week?

Hi im going to Cancun Mexico next week Thursday (cant wait!), i was wondering can anyone recommend activities available in the area.

Staying RIU LAS AMERICAS, which is on the strip.

Can anyone recommend some bars, places to eat, where to go to swim with the dolphins (how much is this).

How much do you think we will need to take for a 12 night stay, our hotel is all inclusive.

And anyone just got back, what is the weather like? What should i pack?

Tijuana answers:

Just returned from Cancún last week. It was very hot as is summertime. You may have some scattered light rains some days, but temperature remains very high (over 80F). So take really light clothes.

Go dine to Puerto Madero, a steakhouse and grilled seafood restaurant. It is the best in town. Ask for a table on the terrace to enjoy beautiful view of the lagoon. A great dinner for two (with good wine) will cost you some $130.

For dolphins head to Xcaret or XelHa. Access fee is $69 (adults) and $34 (kids), then you need to pay extra for some activities like snorkeling, temascal, etc. Herebelow the entrance + dolphins ´+ other activities packages:
Xcaret Entrada Básica dolphins adult: 199.00 USD
Xcaret Entrada Básica con dolphins kids: 163.50 USD

How much money you take will depend a lot on how often you leave the resort. Dinners should be around $50-100 (for two), drinks around $8-10.


Mandy asks…

What is the best place to visit in the Caribbean?

Aruba and Barbados seemed like the best…Bermuda (non-caribbean) seemed like a great place too.. Does anyone know anything about these places?? Please let me know some details.. And also if you have any other caribbean suggestions, let me know… Thanks

Tijuana answers:

– Jamaica

With Jamaica’s reputation as a Caribbean island for adult fun & recreation, it is easy to cross the island off as a top family vacation spot in the Caribbean. Don’t make this mistake. With Jamaica’s pristine beaches, exquisite natural spots and family-friendly resorts, this is one island that’s bound to make one of those memorable family vacations.

– Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is one of those no-fail family vacation spots in the Caribbean. Many resorts (all inclusive or not) here have long known the rewards of investing in facilities that assure a great holiday for the whole family.

It is therefore much easier to find a hotel or living accommodation that suits you. And as you all probably know already, when you’re traveling with the family, your accommodation can make or break the perfect family vacation

– Bahamas

Well, first of all, there’s the Atlantis Bahamas Resorts and second of all, there’s the Atlantis Bahamas Resort. Imagine a world-class casino, an amazing waterpark, a golf course, a children’s playground, a spa and fitness center among others! They surely have everyone in the family covered in this resort. You don’t even have to leave the place and you’ll all still feel like you’ve had the adventure of a lifetime.

– Belize

If you’ve had enough of the all-inclusive family friendly resort atmosphere and are looking for something a little bit more adventurous…something a little bit different than the usual family vacation spots in the caribbean, then go to Belize. A family holiday here can be so unique that the kids will not stop talking about it for a very long time.

This is a vacation if you want to be at one with nature and explore the rich natural environment of the island. Imagine activities such as a river boat trip, a zoo exploration, a jungle gym right in the jungle, horseback riding, and shark watching.

– St. Lucia

If you love some peace & quiet amidst breathtaking surrounding and you have children who are not difficult to entertain, classy St. Lucia with its family friendly resorts and nature reserves might just be the holiday you’re looking for in the Caribbean.

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