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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Adults Only

Paul asks…

A friend of mine and myself are looking to have a girls vacation, help!?

My girlfriend and I are looking to go out of the country on a girls’ trip, we are looking to see if they have an all inclusive resort and with night life partying within the surroundings (outside of the resort). with little to no children mostly adults. Does anyone have any ideas? Your help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Tijuana answers:

Cancun, Mexico

We went there for our honeymoon and it was awesome. We stayed at the GR solaris, its all inclusive. About a mile away is the biggest club in mayan area, called ‘The City’. They also have margaritaville, froggy bottom, and a couple other small clubs. Mexico is so much fun, with so much to do!

Robert asks…

All exclusive resort for young adults in mexico during January 2012?

Tijuana answers:

All exclusive? Do you mean an all-inclusive resort, where you pay one fee and it covers meals, hotel, activities etc?

Mark asks…

Where is the best place to get married in the Tropics?

Looking for affordable luxury departing from NB, Canada. All inclusive, with a fun night live and lots of day time activities. Any links would be appreciated 🙂

Tijuana answers:

Well first some questions– do you want to do a cruise or stay there for a week? You can get married on the island while cruising or you can stay in an all inclusive and just get married one day. Will your guests have children?

There are numerous all-inclusive resorts to look into to find the right one for you.
Secrets (amazing but adult only)
Rendezvous (adult only)
Coconut Bay St Lucia
Iberostar which I don’t recommend
Club Med

Here is a site to look up some other ones

What would you be looking for in a place? Some islands are much smaller, much harder to get to, and much more remote. These are great for privacy and being alone on the beach. Remember to take in airfare as a consideration. For some of these resorts it would be multiple layovers and an entire day of flying for you. How important is that to you?

Some cater to a more upbeat crowd. Windsailing, volleyball, kayaking, jet ski rental. Go go go.

Some destinations are more safe to wander around the island. Some recommend you don’t leave the resort.

Some are much more high scale and expensive and some are cheaper. What is your budget?

There is really a lot to decide when looking into this. What I would decide first is the location. Do you want to be in resort Mexico aka Cancun or is the wild party scene of Cancun far too much for you and your guests? What month? If colder months you may want to go further south.

Do you want to be in a hotel style arrangement or are you thinking more of a tiki hut by the beach, with no one worries about thin walls?

Also do not leave out cruising. Cruising has gotten much cheaper and that is what my sister did for her wedding in April. My whole family went on a cruise. During one of the ports of call, she got married on the beach at St Thomas. We went through a wedding planner and she booked everything for us. The minister, the beach, everything. We all took a van cab to the beach and it was picture perfect. The waves lapping on the beach, an iguana walking through, perfect beach, turquoise water, palm trees overhead. Then we had dinner on the cruise ship and sailed to the next port. A cruise is not all-inclusive but it is much cheaper than an all-inclusive. Even if you factor in a $300 alcohol budget, it’s still a good deal cheaper.

I would decide the answer to at least 5-7 of these questions and then talk to a travel agent about it. She can help find you the best deal. My advice though is to avoid the Bahamas. Not worth it and overpriced.

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