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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Adults Only

James asks…

Best all inclusive adults only resorts in Mexico?

Rivera Maya 5 star all inclusive resorts

Tijuana answers:

There are two that we really like. The Excellence Riviera, and El Dorado Royale which is my favourite. Both five star and the best food and service I have seen in the many resorts we have visited. Here’s some sites for you to check out.


This last one is an all nude resort, just in case your interested in that sort of thing.

Thomas asks…

Cuncun – From Resort to Attractions Rent a Car get Taxi or Take Bus?

Hi I am traveling to Cuncun, Mexico with my husband, child and parents in February, so 4 adults 1 child. We’ll be staying in Mayan Palace Riviera Maya. I would like to know if it is more cost effective to rent a car or take busses. My daughter is 2 years old. Also, should I take her car seat with us?

Thanks for your help

Tijuana answers:

The Mayan Palace should have shuttle vans to take you to town, from there you can take the tours, which included transportation to attractions. Your hotel is actually much closer to Playa Del Carmen, so you may want to brush up on Playa Del Carmen. You and your parents will enjoy the town of Playa Del Carmen much better than Cancun anyway, Cancun is actually geared for singles, lots of clubs and not much else. Playa Del Carmen is a nice easy going town with plenty of shops and restaurants. (Playa Del Carmen) PDC is also just a 40 min. Ferry ride from Cozumel, nice to go over for a day, rent a car there and drive to the back side of the island. There you will find wide open beaches and a nice little restaurant called Coconuts. (Fun place, great views)

You can check out some of the tours at
Xcaret is only about a 5 min. Taxi ride from PDC, so do not take the tour, just take a taxi and purchase your tickets at the Xcaret. The all-inclusive, minus the night show dinner, is a good deal, the food is really good.

No you don’t have to bring her car seat, if you are comfortable holding her, but that is just a suggestion. Traffic is limited and most of the time you will only be driving short distances.
Feel free to ask me anything about the area at scubadaddy32@yahoo.

Mark asks…

What is the best romantic vacation?

No children, carefree, private, ocean views would be nice.

Tijuana answers:

Go to one of the all inclusive adult resorts in the Carribbean or Mexico. It’s about $100 per day per person. All the food, drink and entertainment you want.

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