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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Adults Only

Mark asks…

How much to bring to mexico?

I am 15 and bringing another 15 year old! how much should she bring to mexico?
we are stayin in an all inclusive so no food really. We want to do one or two activities a day and are staying for 7 days. how much money should she bring? hotel and flight are paid for

Tijuana answers:

That’s awesome that you and a friend are fortunate to be able to vacation together to such a beautiful place! Do you realize how many teens out there would practically kill to be able to do that? You’re so lucky!!!

Obviously you are traveling with an adult to go down there, as there will no-doubt be a minimum age requirement to book a hotel. (Be sure to thank whomever is hosting your trip! I wish I was that lucky when I was that age!)

If you are staying at an all-inclusive resort, you probably won’t need to bring a lot of money with you, because, depending on the resort, most or all of everything you need is right there. The food and drinks, along with the hotel room would more than likely be included in the price. (that’s why they’re “all-inclusive”!) What’s not included is any sight-seeing trips or fun activities, like sailing, using a jetski, buying souvenirs, and that sort of thing.

Your host (The adult who’s taking you) will probably handle a lot of the tipping, but it would be very classy of you and your friend to also tip the cab drivers and bell boys for your particular luggage. If you or your friend order room service, you should tip them a couple of dollars.

Most places in Cancun will accept U.S. Dollars or Pesos. (I don’t know where you’re from). If you have American money, depending on what you planned on buying, you’re “probably” ok as-is and don’t need to do a currency exchange. If you needed to, you can usually do this at the front desk at the hotel.

Someone commented that you shouldn’t buy anything down there. Well, to each his or her own I guess. The times I have traveled to Mexico, I have always found the locals to be extremely friendly and good-natured. These people don’t always have all of the luxuries that others have, but you know what? They are usually a very thankful people down there. They are grateful for what they do have. They work very hard to ensure that the tourists enjoy their stay and will want to come back. It is for that reason, that I DO buy a few souvenirs down there, and I DEFINATELY leave them some tips.

Tip the bell hops anywhere from $2 to $5 per bag. Tip the cab or airport shuttle driver the same for putting your bags in and out of the vehicle. (Your host will probably tip the driver for the actual transportation part of it.) If you need to go to the front desk for anything, you may want to occassionally give the person who helps you a dollar or two once in a while.

How much to bring? I don’t know, maybe $50 to $100 each, in the form of small bills, like one’s and five’s maybe.

Lisa asks…

I’m looking for the best bahamas hotel, all inclusive, adult ONLY. Any suggestions?

Budget friendly, but like the all inclusive, and no children. Any suggestions? Or anywhere else besides Bahamas or Mexico with same requests?

Tijuana answers:

Sandals is an adult only inclusive hotel its a really nice resort

Laura asks…

Can I go Topless in Mexico?

Hello. My husband and I are planning a vacation to one of the allinclusive resorts in Mexico. We haven’t decided which one yet, however it will probably be an adultsonly resort around Cancun or Cozumel. I’m very interested in being able to go topless, either by the pool or by the ocean. Is this acceptable and will there be others, or would I be alone? I’m not looking for an openly risque or nude resort (e.g., Desire). Any recommendations?


Tijuana answers:

Yes you can stay topless without any problem, but please dont be disturbed if we stay looking at you, because we mexicans are not used to see girls topless.

But you dont have any problem.


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