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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Adults Only

James asks…

Family vacation in Mexico Cancun or Cabo San Lucas?

My daughter is only 2 years old and my wife and I are in the mid 30´s. My wife loves Cancun and raves about it all the time, another married couple wants to vacation with us and they suggested Cabo.

Looking for 5 star all inclusive resorts and ability to eat lobster is must.
So a place where both my daughter will have fun and be safe and the adults also can have some fun also.

Thanks in advance

Tijuana answers:

Cabo is garbage compared to Cancún. Some of these answers you are getting are right and some parts are wrong. Cancún does offer resorts that also tend to the childrens needs. Yes, Cancun is a party place, but there are parts of Cancun that are also enjoying and relaxing for families with children. There is way more to do in Cancun than in Cabo. The water in Cancun is much more beautiful and warmer in Cancun. Since you love lobster I must recommend Lorenzillo’s that is located in Cancun. It’s the BEST seafood in the world and it’s very romantic there. They catch all their lobsters fresh each day and you pick out what you want. As far as resorts the lobster in the resorts are okay if you can get it, but you MUST try Lorenzillo’s!!! AMAZING!!! The best place that I would recommend is Riu Caribe. It’s fun for the adults and they cater to kids as well and even have a great area for the children only and a section of the huge 125 yrd. Pool is set aside for the children as well. If you don’t like what Riu Caribe has to offer also check out Riu Palace Las Americas (little more fancier) and also Riu Cancun. They are all sister hotels so if you book at one you can go to all of them and enjoy all of the amenities of each hotel. Good Luck and enjoy your time where ever you choose!!!

Lizzie asks…

Looking for a nice all inclusive hotel or beach vacation ideas? ?

I am looking for an all inclusive hotel. It xan be anywhere in tge US, Mexico or Hawaii. it just has to be on a beach. Im looking to spend up to about 1500$ on airfare and hotel. I live in San Antonio, Tx. I want a fairly new hotel, spa services, has to have a pool, food needs to be good, (ive heard horror stories about food at all inclusive resorts). I just want something that is super fun with alor of activities,

Tijuana answers:

I love LeBlanc. But it is adults only.

Sharon asks…

Crown Paradise Club Cancun Mexico wristbands?

I am vacationing here next month, and I was just wondering what the wristbands looked like.
If you have any other information about the resort please let me know; I am looking forward to coming here with my family.

Tijuana answers:

Brightly colored and so do identify guests and separate children from adults They are all different but most are the width of a band aid. They are only used in all inclusive hotels.

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