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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Adults Only

Sharon asks…

Best Singles Club/Resort All Inclusive Mexico- guys and girls in their 20’s?

Looking to go away to Mexico in January and have been doing a little research but want to get other opinions. We’re looking to party hard lol but at the same time we dont want to stay at a dump. We’ll pay for a nicer place, it just needs to be rolling, and not overrun with kids and/or older couples. Food has to be decent and rooms pretty standard. Any suggestions? First choice is Cancun btw…

Tijuana answers:

Wow, no oldies and no whippersnappers………it is tough to find a thirty something only place. I think your best bet is to not worry so much about the resort and then go to the bars at night…..there are plenty to choose from and be picky there. Unfortunately there is no resort that caters to the young and hip but not punks crowd. I like Dreams Cancun because of its location dn quality, but kids will be there. Iberostars are good as are some of the RIU’s….Do Not go to an adults only place, they will be mostly couples.

Ken asks…

Looking for a nice all inclusive resort for my 6 year old daughter and I. (see details)?

Looking for something affordable, but not at the expense of clean, updated rooms and good food. I would like something on a nice beach anywhere. Caribbean and Mexico seem to be the best bets but I’m open to anywhere. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. 🙂

Tijuana answers:

Check out Beaches Resorts. They have a Single Parent’s promotion going on. You are able to book a room for 1 adult and 1 or 2 kids, so you can save $$ on the “double occupancy” (at least 2 adults) that resorts usually charge.

Also, these resorts are super all-inclusive (food, drinks, activities, kids club, water park, snorkeling, scuba, tips, etc… All included in the room price). The resorts cater to kids and families, and your daughter is at the perfect age to enjoy it all.

Single Parent’s Promotion:

What’s Included:

George asks…

Whats the best all-inclusive resort in the Caribean?

Hi! I have been looking for the “perfect” couple vacation and got stuck. Any recommendations and info is helpful! 🙂

– traveling in November/December
all inclusive (all adult preferred)
– new (or recently remodeled) resort
– budget around $3000 for 7 nights
– the more activities the better!
– prefer large resorts (5 restaurants minimum)

Thank you!!

Tijuana answers:

“The Best Resort” is quite subjective. You posted in the Jamaica section, so I will give you suggestions for Jamaica. It sounds like you want a “mega resort” (in my opinion, smaller resorts are better, but to each their own). The Iberostar may be a good choice (6 restaurants) . The Grand Paladium and The Riu’s may be ok too. Your options for mega resorts are going to be limited in Jamaica. If you want a mega resort you might want to look into Mexico…much cheaper too.

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