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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Adults

Joseph asks…

I am looking for a all inclusive resort in Mexico, Perferred Adult only, with a Beautiful beach?

We stayed on Cancun’s hotel Zone, but the beaches were so developed with other hotels. I am looking for a resort that is secluded and has maybe interesting huge rocks to walk toward, or a large curve in the beach where the resort looks more tucked away. Something more interesting than hotel, after hotel, after hotel, You know, like the interesting pictures that you see at the travel agencys.

Tijuana answers:

You simply have to try Belize! Research it right now! It’s exactly what you’re looking for. Belize is Central America’s only English speaking country, just to the south of Mexico and has the most marvelous beaches in the Caribbean. There is little development and what is there is restricted to certain specifications, giving the towns (if there are any) a bustling village appeal. There are great beachside restaurants, really wonderful bars with just the right atmosphere, and some awesome beachside resorts with great pools that blend more into the scenery rather than build right over it. Pics of the beach are often mistaken for Fiji and look like they are straight out of a Corona commercial. Belize tends to draw a more well traveled audience who are looking for laid back fun. Belize is called, “The best kept secret in the Caribbean” with a defining motto, “No hurries, no worries”. Beautiful tropic isles that make “paradise” too small of a word and deep dense mountain rain forest adventures. Belize is home to the Western Hemisphere’s longest barrier reef and is Central America’s most forested country at 50% coverage. Belize protects 40% of their land area in nature preserves, biological reserves, wildlife sanctuaries and marine reserves. You can relax with some reggae tunes in bustling, lively towns or on completely uninhabited islands (cayes), do some fantastic dives (walls, channels, barrier reef, caves, the Blue Hole, night dives), snorkeling is great for beginners or pros, see amazing Mayan temples and cave burial sites, discover a myriad of wildlife, take nature safaris in to primary growth rain forest (ceiba trees 30 feet at the base!), see the tallest waterfall in Central America and other magnificent mountain cascades, go on sailing adventures, watersports of all categories, see manatees, crocs, sharks, rays and/or whale sharks on spotting tours, go cave tubing down crystal clear mountain rivers, zip lining in the canopy, speed boat through narrow mangrove channels or take open cockpit ultralight tours – – over the reef, jungle and ruins tasting the adventure. Cancun is crowded, noisy, has too many hard, unnatural surfaces and very little to do beyond the obliterated beach. Costa Rica can’t compete with Belize’s reef and marine reserves. The Caribbean Isles are isolated and over priced with little or nothing to do inland. Belize has all! Read up on it a bit. You’ll be glad you did.

Laura asks…

Cheap Caribbean vacation all inclusive adults only?

I am planning on taking a vacation in March 2011 with my wife, brother, and his wife. We are just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for travel agencies or sites that do payment plans. Also if anyone has any suggestions for Allinclusive resorts for adults only.No Bahamas, or Mexico. Any info would really help I would be traveling out of Atlanta ga

Tijuana answers:

Swept Away in Negril Jamaica. My parents go every year and they sent my brother there for his wedding/honeymoon. Absolutely amazing. And everything is included, not just food and drink but also golf, snorkeling, etc. Flight will be pretty cheap put of ATL. If you book on their website you will probably need to pay upfront. If you go to a travel agency, you will be able to do a down payment and payment plan. If you don’t know any travel agencies, go to a AAA office. My mother is a travel agent for AAA.

James asks…

Question for travel agents: Can minors vacation in Mexico without adults?

Would it be possible for me and a few friends who are all around 16 and 17 to go to an allinclusive resort in Mexico without parents? Would the hotel allow minors to check in and what kind of documentation would be needed? Thanks

Tijuana answers:

No of course Not. You can have a Chaperon or another Adult that has Notarized permission to be your guardians from all the parents involved. They will be responsible for all your actions.
Oh here we go again a bunch of up and coming Lindsay Lohans!!!

The only way you can fly alone at your age is to have an adult waiting for you at your destination and you will need notarized letters giving the person waiting authorization to take you away.

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