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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Couples

Mary asks…

What is the best all inclusive resort in Myrtle beach S.C?

Me, my wife and another couple want to go there for vacation this year. Any advice would be great! Thank you in advance!

Tijuana answers:

There are no all inclusive resorts anywhere in the US. You will find them typically in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Ken asks…

How safe is Jamaica in day and at night?

I am looking to go for spring break. Is it safe to go off the resort and into the local towns? How is the night life? We are 21+ and want a good time, since Mexico is out of the question, we thought we would try somewhere in the Caribbean.

Thanks in advance.
Be sure to not answer, if you have nothing to say. kaythanks

Tijuana answers:

Went to Jamaica a couple of years ago on spring break. Went off the resort in government approved taxi’s only (the lic. Plates are different colors) or paid someone from the hotel to take me. Shopping during the day at markets is fine. Bars at night within the hotels are usually the best bet, but you can go to different hotels with safe transportation. People will try to sell you everything under the sun, be gracious when saying no, sometimes people get agitated. Traveled to a lot of different places in the Caribbean. If you stay at an all inclusive resort I’ve heard of people having a great time, if you want to see local culture and not the tourist trade it is difficult. If you want a typical spring break I’d spend the extra money and go to Grand Caymen or something in the eastern Caribbean. You can walk all over in most of these places and feel safe, without taking so many precautions.

Sandra asks…

Romantic idea for Valentines day in Mexico?

I have only been with my girlfriend for a couple months but I’m crazy about her. We both had a weeks holidays to use up so we booked an all inclusive trip to a resort in mexico that will be over Valentines day. I want to do something really unique and romantic. I just need a few ideas. Please help.

Tijuana answers:

I live in Mexico. The best place for me is the beach. For example Cancún, in Quintana Roo.
You can go with your girlfriend in the afternoon, when there is the sunset. The sky is pretty!

If she dont like beach, you can go to Guadalajara. All the people say that it is a very pretty city. Most of buildings are old. The city is very big, and you can buy her a lot of souvenirs, and other things.

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