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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Couples

Carol asks…

Best cancun hotel to go to for college students?

looking to go to cancun for spring break with a couple of friends from college. were all around 20 years old and looking for a fun time. partying and drinking! give us somegoodd ideas and experiences
i heard the oasis is kinda run down and the grand oasis is the one to go to. is this true?

Tijuana answers:

Another vote for the Oasis Cancun.
Here’s what it looked like this past Spring Break–2009:

If you can’t get in there, the Grand Oasis Cancun is right next door:

Mark asks…

What’s the best Honeymoon All Inclusive Resort to go to?

Must be all inclusive, food and drinks must make the expense worth it, gorgeous pools that potentially overlook the beach, helpful and caring staff that make you feel like you’re looked after, on the beach with plenty of places to sunbathe, nothing too cheesy. Tall order, I know. We’d like to visit the Carribean or Mexico.

Tijuana answers:

I don’t know that it is necissarily deemed “honeymoon”.. But I’ve been to the Sol Melia, which is in Quintana Roo, Cozumel… It is all inclusive, with several resteraunts and bars, 2 pools, right on the beach, and great service. Both times I have been there have mostly been couples, few children. I love it! You can find great deals on expedia.. Just type in cozumel, and you will find it!

Ruth asks…

Does anyone recomend the Sandals resorts and if so, witch one?

I love the idea of an all inclusive vacation so I know what I’m spending before I leave my house. How are the amenities and everything?

Tijuana answers:

Sandals is a very nice couples resort and provides very nice amenities – the quality of rooms, service, food & beverage is very good.

There are a lot of all-inclusive resorts all over the Caribbean and Mexico. If you’re interested in discussing, I’m an agent and will be glad to talk to you about it (no obligations). You can reach me toll free at 866-485-8175.

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