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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Couples

Maria asks…

Do I need to change money at an all-inclusive resort?

I’m American, and going to an allinclusive resort in Cancun. Do I need Pesos within the resort?

Thanks all.

Tijuana answers:

1st Call your bank before you leave home ( the customer service number on your card) and tell them you will be in your card won’t be blocked….when you are in MX.

Use your ATM card! There is a small fee to use your card…about 70 cents US but you receive the very best conversion rate.

There are bank owned ATM machines everywhere and the charge and conversion rate are the same.

Please don’t exchange at the hotel, airport or exchange company…use the bank/ATM.

Also, the exchange rate changes daily but they will always take what is most beneficial to them if it is a couple of cents here and there it’s no big deal.

Exchange Houses “Casa de Cambio”
The airport is very competitive.

Banks in Cancun:
Banamex, Bancomer, HSBC, Scotia Bank, Banorte, Santander Serfin and Banco Azteca.

The credit card Discover is not accepted in Mexico.

Mark asks…

I need a good all-inclusive resort to take kids to.?

Looking for somewhere in the Carribean to take kids ages 10 & 13 that is allinclusive. Trying to find a place that the kids would like but we can have some fun too… Any suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

Im 17 and I have been on many family vacations.

My top 3 favourite destinations were Mexico, Dominican and Cuba.

In Mexico I highly recommend the Gran Bahia Principe situated in the Mayan Riveria. Its a big resort that shares its property with its sister resorts the Akumal and Coba. There is alot to do there trust me..never a dull moment. Theres TONS of pools because you can use the other sisters pools as well. Theres also alot of games and such to get involved with. For the adults the Mayan Ruins is spectacular. Might think the kids would get bored but there is a beach right next to it where many tourist swim. Its simply breathtaking. Also you can go into the town called Playa Del Carmen and shop. The shops range from a sports store to hair braiding stands. Lots to do!

In Dominican I highly suggest Punta Cana. Ive leaving for Puerto Plata which is on the north coast in a couple days so I cant judge it yet. But Im staying at a Bahia Principe (same chain as in Mexico). Anyways back to Punta Cana, the beaches are great and virtually all the resorts are great. I stayed at the breezes which is now a Barcelo. But in Puerto Plata they have a breezes. THis resort chain is child friendly as they have a rock climbing wall and a trapeze act. Its very fun trustt me and very safely watched so nobody will get hurt:)

In Cuba, if your not American…again any of the resorts are great. My favourite is any of the hotels in the Melia chain. Try Varadero for more to do or the island of Cayo Santa Maria for relaxation. Im not going to go in detail for Cuba because you may not be allowed to go.

Have a great trip:) Majority of the all inclusive resorts are family friendly!

Carol asks…

Anyone been to Temptation resort and spa in Cancun?

Hubby and I are needing a little excitement. We would like to take a couples vacation that is fun and a bit exciting, maybe risque but not too risque or freaky. Anyone been there and could describe it to me. I’m looking for fun couples games and activities.

Tijuana answers:

Click this link and read the reviews down towards the bottom of the page:

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