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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Honeymoons

Chris asks…

What id Mexico – Riveria Maya like for a honeymoon?

Going in July would weather be ok? and is there plenty to do for 2 weeks on an allinclusive resort?

Tijuana answers:

The weather in july will be a little warm but you will have a beautiful ocean and pools to jump in and stay cool. There is a lot of tours and sight seeing in that area so you should not get bored. Shopping…eating..and nite life in playa del carmen is can even take the ferry over to cozumel for the day…Most all inclusive resorts have lots of activities for their guests….so have a great time and enjoy

Daniel asks…

Suggestions for an all-inclusive resort in Hawaii?

My fiance and I are trying to plan a honeymoon in November. We’re not much into sight-seeing, but we do like to be active (hiking, snorkeling, etc.), as well as just relax in the sun and read. We’d also like to take surfing lessons. We plan on staying for 8 days, 7 nights. Any suggestions as to where to stay or cool things to do would be greatly appreciated!

Tijuana answers:

First off congratulations on being married! =) When my wife and I were first married (20 years ago, how time does fly) anyway after going back to Hawaii the past couple years we realized what islands and resorts are all-inclusive. I’m sorry i cannot write as much as the person above me, but please read this:
All-Inclusive Resorts (see sources as well) are normally resorts that satisfy your needs. Many of the best all-inclusive resorts are found in the Carribean or in Mexico. Hawaii is a state and many all-inclusive resorts sometimes have casinos. But anyway, Hawaii is home to huge resort hotels. In my opinion i think what you need is a huge resorts, basically that is the relative defintion of an all-inclusive resort. Hawaii is roughly home to some of the best hotels and resorts in America. The question is where and what brand do you go to?
My family, my wife, and I have gone to every Hawaiian island and after many we have broken it down to two islands with the best hotels. Maui and Kauai. Unlike Ohau and the Big Island both are beautiful (heck, Kauai is called the Garden Island, and it deserves the name!). Both islands unlike the others hotel better properites as well and are less as our family puts it, colonized.
Maui is the 2nd most popular island, as stated by the poster above. Maui is home to some of the best beaches on any of the islands. Unlike Kauai, the beaches on Maui are low in tide and great for just relaxing. We reccomend the the Wailea beach and the Kaanapli beach. Now which do you choose? We think that this is a dead tie. While we don’t have a favorite resort, we also would like to point out that more families tend to arrive at Kaanapali but the hotels are much cheaper. The sights are also closer to the Kaanapli resorts and if you love black rock (a pretty site, click sources for more), then Kaanapli’s Sheraton is pretty much ideal. On Walea we don’t reccomend the Four Seasons because it is so expensive and pools aren’t are faboulous as the Grand Walea. This hotel is probably the best hotel on Maui for romance. The hotel does get lots of families because it has a huge pool complex with over 4 waterslides and rope attractions. But the hotel is great for Maui. It is very expensive so watch out and click my sources for rates. We also reccomend the Westin Maui, this hotel has a huge pool complex but don’t think that this makes the hotel a huge family and busy place. The property is large, and it has a nice long beach property and is next to Whalers village, a nice little sea village with shops, and maps to attractions around the island.
Now time for our favorite. Kauai is the least populated island, but technically it has the largest resorts probably of all the islands. Now don’t think this is bad. But we want to jump right on it and tell you about this. While Maui is great and romantic with small beaches, Kauai is rocky but on many parts is slow. So where do you stay. Let us start from the north shore and make our way down. The north shore is the shore with some rain but a perfect beach. The St. Regis Princeville is there, if you haven’t heard of it, it is one of the most famous Hawaiian hotels in the world, known worldwide as luxery. But the pools and weather to us puts this hotel as average. For an 8 day trip, this hotel is about a 3.5 but is still worth going to if you choose. Next is the south shore (yes im jumping because this is super long). Poipu to us the best. While the beach is rocky, you can still just get hit by the waves and have some fun, don’t surf though because the hotel we strongly reccomend is the Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa. This to us the bit best hotel in all of Hawaii and actually to our family it is our favorite hotel on Earth (and we have been to Paris, to my misfortune 🙁 money you know ahah) anyway this hotel though is expensive. The hotel is set for families and romantics but is perfect for all we say. The hotel has a a perfect pool complex with a lazy river to just roll along, very romantic, the hotel is pretty close to some of the sites but if you really are just there for the sites then we also do reccomend the princeville (talked about already). Next is the Sheraton on the same beach, this hotel is just as wonderful but still doesn’t offer the best pool complex but the beach is far better there than at the hyatt. Im sorry this was so long, and i really didn’t get to everything, here is some more. Look for hotels in Lihue as well, i am leaving you with tripadvisor , use them, they are honest and can really give you good tips!

Helen asks…

Should I take money to Mexico?

I’m going on my honeymoon next week and we don’t know if we should take cash, travelers checks, our debit cards, or what?! We plan on doing some excursions through our all inclusive resort but we don’t know what to take if we do other things.

Tijuana answers:

Travelers cheques and a good piece of plastic will never go out of style. Yes, take an emergency source of funding.

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