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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Honeymoons

Michael asks…

Can you assist in my Honeymoon research?

10pts for person who give me a recommendation that i will consider. Looking for a nice allinclusive resort in Mexico,Aruba,Jamaica or anywhere in the Carribeans (excluding bahamas) Looking for place that everything is included, that means drinks too. If you vacationed there let me know the pros and cons. all help is appreciated

Tijuana answers:

I hear great things about aventura spa resort in mexico 😉

Helen asks…

Where is a great beach honeymoon location for around $2,000?

My fiance and I are looking for an all inclusive, but are open to options. Does anyone know of any SAFE and fun places we could go? We will be flying from Indianapolis. It will be at the beginning of May and we are hoping 7 days, but 5 will work too.

Tijuana answers:

There are lots of resorts in Mexico that would fall in your budget range. Don’t worry, they’re safe (the violence is in the cities, far from the resorts).

Mandy asks…

Best affordable all-inclusive resort in Mexico?

Hello! We’re looking to go on our honeymoon September ’08. We want to spend around $3000, give or take, including airfare. I was thinking Mexico we could get the most for our money. As long as there is a nice sandy beach, drinks, pools and some fun activities we will be satisfied. There is just SO many resorts to choose from when I get online. Also, could we get better deals going through a travel agent?

Tijuana answers:

Any of the Playa del Carmen resorts. We have been yearly for 9 years running now and dollar for dollar it is the best value for a trip. This years trip ran about $1000 per person all inclusive; food, flight, drinks, shuttle from airport to hotel from the NY area. We have stayed at the Iberostars & Palace resorts as well. The proximity to town, which used to be a small fishing village is a 5 minute cab ride for about $5 usd should you care to venture. Playa is close to many major attractions – Tulum, Xel-ha, Cancun, ferry to Cozumel etc. I do have to stop telling people about it though…getting too many tourists! 😉

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