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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Honeymoons

Michael asks…

where did you and your spouse go on your honeymoon?

I would love to go to maui, tahiti or fiji island on my honeymoon. My parents went to cancun on theirs.

Tijuana answers:

It was a wedding gift week in Puerto Vallarta all inclusive resort it was awesome; however saying that I would hesitate traveling to Mexico at this time. If I had the cash to spend I would have gone to Fiji or Jamaica. Or some other place in the South Pacific it is all so beautiful do not forget about
Turks& Caicos.

Chris asks…

which is better for a honeymoon mexico or jamaica?

My fiance and I have never been out of the country so both are completely new to us. We had kind of decided on mexico but then heard on the news there was a lot of civial unrest. He now thinks we should do jamaica. We’re looking for an all inclusive with good restaurants, nice rooms and lots of excursions to do. We want privacy but also stuff to do out of the resort, like shopping and going out. Any suggestions? Were going in the beginning of Nov. Thanks

Tijuana answers:

Jamaica is the best choice. The main reason, they speak your language and you will also leave with a learned dialect so much visitors crave to learn.

Mexicans sometimes, because of language barriers can be quite irritated and fussy.

Come on down to Jamaica, get the Bob Marley legacy, learn reggae, learn the culture, and of course enjoy the cuisine all countries crave.

If it is Dunn’s River, the fall will massage you and leave you pain free. Natural hotwater springs too at the Bath Fountain in St. Thomas heals.

Jamaica is fun, from Morant Point to Negril Point 144 square miles.

Remember Jamaica is English and the patois sweet to enjoy.

John asks…

Where would you suggest a romantic getaway?

Me and my husband are trying to plan a trip for September this year for our 5th anniversary. We never had a honeymoon so this will be it for us. We want to be able to go snorkeling, parasailing, jet skis, Swim with dolpins you name it. So we want to go somewhere tropical and hot. Please don’t mention Puerto Rico, we have already been there. Just an idea our budget is like max $1400 with airline tickets and all the activites we want to do. It’ll be between 3-4 days maybe even 5.

Tijuana answers:

September can be tricky because it’s hurricane season. Have you considered going to Mexico? They have some very nice all-inclusive resorts that will probably be able to fit your budget. Mexico has some lovely snorkeling:

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