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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Honeymoons

Sandra asks…

Where is a good place to honeymoon in December?

We want to go somewhere tropical. Is there a place in December thats not rainy?

Tijuana answers:

We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and had the WORST experience of our lives. Seriously, it was nothing like what we had read about. On top of disliking the place in general, everything wrong that could happen did. We only had passing showers while we were there, which meant almost every day it rained for about 10 minutes, then the sun would come back out. It was not a pleasant experience. I would strongly discourage going to Hawaii. Besides you can go to the Caribbean for A LOT cheaper! Hawaii was the only big waste we had for our wedding. So not worth it! We’re never going back!

If you have the money, try one of the Greek Islands. Greece has the most beautiful beaches in the world! Absolutely breathtaking!
Another option would be the French Riviera (such as Cannes, like where the film festival takes place).

The best affordable option is the Caribbean. A Caribbean cruise is fantastic because you can get a taste of several countries and all of your food is included!
If spending your honeymoon on a boat doesn’t thrill you, there are tons of resorts. You could try one of the many all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica or Mexico and some other locations, many of which not only include all of your food, but also alcohol (which they can’t do on a cruise ship).

I would shop around. has some great deals.

Chris asks…

What is a good honeymoon Destination/Duration?

My sister is having trouble picking out where to go for her honeymoon and to stay for how long. We’ve considered the Carribeans, Cancun Mexico, or somewhere in Europe. She wants it to last about 2 weeks. Any Suggestions???

Tijuana answers:

That totally depends upon how much money she has to spend on it.

If she wants to find a place that will be cheap but still offer plenty of fun and excitement, then cancun or cozumel. Cozumel is a little more romantic while cancuns is the fun spot. Both places have lots of all inclusive resorts which offer great deals which include the room, all meals, all drinks and some water sports or site seeing.

If she wants a great place in europe, my favorite spot would be the greek islands. Beautiful and romantic but still fun and interesting. The islands of skopelos and skiathos where the movie “mamma mia” was filmed are both great locations. Quiant and romantic. Italy is also a great honeymoon location.

If she wants tropical and romantic and secluded, nothing can beat the west indies caribbean island of st lucia. It is everthing a tropical island should be. My favorite honeymoon spot in all the world is located there. Http://

the beautiful indonesian island nation of bali in the south pacific is another spot which is often overlooked but is very interesting and very romantic. Steeped in asian culture and still romantic with black sand or white sand beaches. Great honeymoon location. This is a good webpage for very good accomodations in bali. Http://

Donald asks…

Weather in Mexico, the Caribbean, or central america in October?

I’m trying to plan our honeymoon in October. We’re looking for an all inclusive beach resort. I have read that several areas are risky to travel to at this time of year because of a rainy/hurricane season. Anyone know where we can find a resort with the highest probability of good weather?

Tijuana answers:

I think Cancun is your best bet, it is at risk, but if you must have the carribean or central america, I recommend this part of Mexico. It is amazing with much more than “fun” activities to offer. It has the pyramids, and amazing beaches and water to explore all kinds of flaura and fauna. Highly recommended.
Hope this helps! If it does, I’d appreciate the ten points, thanks!

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