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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Honeymoons

William asks…

What would be the ideal place for honeymoon?

I want to go to Italy or Greece, and he wants to go to the islands

What other places can we look at?

Tijuana answers:

Depends on your budget !!! I would recommend FIJI or GRAND CAYMAN ISLAND. Although you can get a really nice package for places like LOS CABOS in Mexico or HAWAII on If you are looking for a deal look at the all inclusive resorts you should really look at that all meals are included, liquor, beer, food, activities usually as well. So do yourself a favor you will love it. They are usually ADULT ONLY so you will really like it. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU !!!

Mark asks…

My fiance and I are trying to find a place to honeymoon for the last week of October.?

We want to go to a beach somewhere but also want to avoid hurricanes and rainy seasons. We have looked into Hawaii and the South Pacific but with airline rates that might put us over the budget. Any suggestions?
Sorry, I live in Memphis, TN and our budget is around $5,000.

Tijuana answers:

Check out Mexico! My husband and I are going to Puerto Vallarta in December (Most expensive month to travel) and we got a week in a beautiful all inclusive resort and airfare for $2200.00!

All inclusive means all your food, alcohol, room service and fun is included! No surprises!

They also have deals on a dolphin encouter, and dinner/cocktail cruises! It’s going to be amazing!

Don’t forget about getting a passport! $115 a person!

Susan asks…

Where can we have a quiet, romantic honeymoon at a low to moderate cost?

Beach ++
Alone/quiet/relaxing +++
Romance ++++
Activities – not such a big deal.

Tijuana answers:

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is where you want to go…

This quiet resort area 60 miles south of Cancun is the perfect location for a quiet, laid-back, romantic vacation. It’s a small town with lots of all-inclusive (AI) resorts. The AI is a great way to go… You don’t have yo carry cash with you to the beach, all your food and drinks (alcohol, too) are included in the cost (which is the largest part of any vacation), the beach is fabulous. There is always something going on at the resort or you can walk into town for a stroll or to shop. You can be totally alone or you can be with a group… It’s up to you. The cool thing it’s not wild and crazy like Cancun. It’s relaxing and laid back. We loved it.

All we did was score a palapa first thing in the morning and lay in the lounge chairs on the beach all day. We ate breakfast and lunch at the poolside restaurant in our bathing suits, drank at the swim up bar and napped when we felt like it, snorkeled, played water volleyball, etc. Then we got cleaned up and ate dinner in one of the 4 restaurants on property. We never had to leave the property if we didn’t want to.

We go every year… It’s cheap, fun, and relaxing. We stay at the Gran Porto Real in Playa… But there are hundreds to choose from.

Hope you find someplace fun to recharge after the wedding.

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