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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Honeymoons

Robert asks…

Honeymoon in Mexico – is Puerto Vallarta overly touristy?

I’m heading to Mexico in December/Jan for my honeymoon, and am keen to know if the main resort towns are super touristy?

Ideally, we would prefer to stay somewhere that is luxurious, but still feels like ‘mexico‘ rather than over run with high rises etc…

Anyone have any suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

Not at all overly touristy. Yes, there are times of the year when the area has more tourists. But in general Puerto Vallarta is not a tourist trap like Cancun or Cozumel are. In fact, many Mexican citizens vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

There are lots of great hotels in Puerto Vallarta that are what you are looking for. My wife and I stayed at the Marriott CasaMagna for our honeymoon and it was wonderful. We had a room right on the water. We took a look at the Westin and that was nice as well. There are lots of all-inclusive places away from the city. There’s a nice resort near Los Arcos that is pretty as well.

Steven asks…

Honeymoon resort suggestions?

My fiance’ and I are planning a wedding for March 2008. We are looking into honeymoon options and would like some advice. Here is what we are wanting from a honeymoon, and hopefully everyone here has some suggestions.

We want a beautiful beach, but not too crowded. Not a party beach or anything like that, maybe a beach that is strictly for a certain resort or something. Warm weather is a must. We would prefer it to be adults only and possibly allinclusive. I would like a spa on premises as well. We were thinking Mexico, but other suggestions are also welcomed. I liked the ancient runes from Mexico. St. Lucia would also be nice. The problem is cost. We cannot go too expensive, though we do have some money to spend. We just don’t know of any good resorts or good areas to stay at! The Gulf area is probably best since it is closer for us to fly. We have already looked at Sandals, want other ideas. Maybe even California, if the resort is nice enough even.
Oh, something else I forgot to menton. The location must be safe. I want to be able to explore a bit and not be confined to a resort. I hear that is the case in the Dominican Republic and even the Bahamas.

Tijuana answers:

I’m just going to throw my 2 cents in here. I’ve been all over the world and if I’ve learned one thing its ISLANDS ARE BORING! Stick with Mexico.

Enjoy your honeymoon.

Donna asks…

Cheap honeymoon ideas for January in the US?

My Fiance and I are getting married in January and I’m looking for honeymoon ideas. He was thinking Vegas but I think that Vegas will be cold in January and I am not Looking forward to freezing to death on my honeymoon. What are some cheap places to go to honeymoon in January in the US that aren’t going to be too cold?

Tijuana answers:

For a honeymoon I suggest either Hawaii or the Bahamas or Mexico – you can get an all inclusive resort which will save you a ton if you’re on a budget! You can check this site for some great deals. Both are dirt cheap but have brand name hotels. I’ve used both myself, one for Bahamas & the Hawaii trip was 5 days in Oahu.

You can also get buy 1 get 1 free airfares from this site as well – I know there are others out there but I recommend this broker because I’ve used them before – In included links to the trips I’ve used but they have lots more – good luck!

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