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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Honeymoons

Sandy asks…

Anyone been to Mexico lately? Riviera Maya in perticuliar?

we are looking for a nice all inclusive resort for our honeymoon that isnt really loud and wild. i am so tired of searching the web… help me out. my eyes thank you.

Tijuana answers:

The riviera maya is beautiful…alll of the resorts are nice….if you want a quiet one …find a adults only resort,then you wont have to be around someones screaming kids…or at least one that has an adults only pool area

Thomas asks…

where is a good honeymoon spot to avoid bad weather during september. looking for a beach.?

looking to keep costs under 4k for both of us. thinking west mexico like cabo.
we would be flying out of chicago

Tijuana answers:

Take a look at the South Pacific. Tahiti and Fiji can be affordable if you find a good deal. Check with travel agents and also look on your own at

Another great places is the Pacific side of Costa Rica (no hurricaines!). I went there in September 2004 and loved it! You fly into Liberia, CR (non-stop from Houston, Dallas, and Atlanta) and I stayed at the Fiesta Premier Resort ( We found the package on Travelzoo and only spent $500 per person for an all-inclusive package. The hotel is very classy and the service is impeccable.

Helen asks…

Are all-inclusive resorts/hotels worth the money?

Is it better to stay in an allinclusive resort that pays for meals and drinks (and sometimes activities) or is it cheaper to do it yourself?? I’m looking to go on a honeymoon in Mexico or the Caribbean.

Tijuana answers:

If you are a big drinker & eater – they can be. Typically the food is similar to Soup Plantation or lower level cruise ship food, so don’t really expect fine dining at the less expensive higher population places. The service can be great or it can completely suck – it just depends on the person. I’ve done it once and the lack of customer service overall was failry appalling – not incredibly relaxing. It was one of the Palace Resorts in Cancun and we would never stay at one of their properties again. However, something like Sandals or Beaches. . .

If you aren’t big drinkers and eaters, then it may not be as worth it. The best thing to do is to figure out the price different per night at two of the places you are considering.

At a non-inclusive hotel, figure you’ll spend $40 on breakfast for the two of you
$45 on lunch
and $60 on dinner.
Figure another $25 for a few drinks.

If the all-inclusive is around $150-$250 extra a night, it may be worth it. It certainly was fun to be able to sit on the beach with a plate of chips & guac and have all the Miami Vices a person could drink (get doubles so they don’t skimp on alcohol) and not have to worry about a bill at the end of the stay.

If you just plan on eating at local places and only buying dollar pacificos, then the all-inclusive may not be the best choice.

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