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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Kids

Ruth asks…

best place to get married in Mexico?

my wedding is pretty far off but Ive always wanted to get married on a beach. My fiance understands that, however our price range will not support a California beach wedding.

Where is the best beach location in Mexico to get married? Like Puerto Vallarta, Alculpoco, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, etc. (Please keep in mind I havent been to mexico in 15 years so safety of the place you suggested is a big factor.)

And please no funny answers.

Tijuana answers:

Not Cancun. They are trying to clean it up now but it’s really rough for female guests traveling alone unless you are on an all-inclusive resort. It’s kinda like Jamaica–everyone says don’t leave the resort.

Cozumel would be amazing and completely safe. Cabo San Lucas would be very nice as well. Those would be my top 2. Puerto Vallarta would be my 3rd choice.

Most of the resort tourist towns have remained rather safe. I mean there is always crime but they try really hard to keep tourism flowing. Only Cancun went too far and that’s b/c of all the spring break college kids and open drug stores.

I’m not sure where you are thinking about or where your guests are coming from but consider the price of the nearby resorts. You should send your guests a few recommendations of places to stay (Trip Advisor). You may discover one area is out of their price range.

Daniel asks…

best all inclusive in Cozumel?

looking for the best and most reasonably priced all inclusive resort in cozumel? going to be a couple of college kids going so not too expensive but doesnt have to be dirt cheap…never been to mexico so any information would be greatly appreciated!

Tijuana answers:

I love the Coz Palace, but it is pricey. Iberostar is a nice resort and they are a bit more reasonably priced. To be perfectly honest unless you are just really big drinkers, you can stay cheaper in Cozumel in non-AI hotels and condos and eat much cheaper in town. My wife and I have found that when we stay at Coz Palace, we are spending over $100 per day for food and drinks by staying there. We can eat for much less than that in town. Some of the best meals we have in Cozumel cost us $10 for both of us.

Condos are also another way to go.

If you just have to do an AI, for the money I suggest Iberostar. Although I love Cozumel, if you are not a scuba diver you may want to check into staying on the mainland and staying in Playa Del Carmen there is much more to do. Cozumel is an Island and Playa is directly across from it there are ferry boats that run to and from all day. Very nice people only ferries.

Since it is your first time to Mexico, check out and look up Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen. Even if you decided to go to Playa, I still recommend Iberostar resorts. I can recommend a great condo complex in Playa as well.

Betty asks…

Looking for All-Inclusive Resorts for College Kids besides Mexico..?

So my friends and I had a whole vacation idea for Cancun but that whole swine flu thing is scary so any ideas for allinclusive resorts or party spots for college kids where lot’s of drinking and partying would take place.. Thank you!

Tijuana answers:

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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