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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Kids

Steven asks…

Whats a good resort or hotel with activitis in mexico for a family of 5?

There is a twelve year old girl, 15 year old boy, & 8 year old boy. And the parents. And they dont want it so expensive.

Tijuana answers:

I highly think you should go to any dreams resorts because they are very nice and all inclusive. I really like puerto vallarta mexico! My 2 favorite resorts there are either the Dreams Resort or the Now Resort. The Now Resort is a newer yet nice resort that is very good for families because there are kid pools and one of the kid pools has a water slide. The Dreams Resort is nice and has a great restaurant called Seaside Grill. At both resorts, you should get into the prefered club. It is a section where you can go into this little lobby with drinks and gourmet snacks.

David asks…

Info on things to look out for in Mexico?

I am taking my kids on vacation to Mexico. Any tips? I have heard about not drinking the water, although I dont know why. Is there anything else I should be concerned about? Thank you.

Tijuana answers:

If you are staying in a resort…the water is probably ok…..they have purification systems in most.
My husband and I just came back last week from Cancun…and almost everything was great….except when we went downtown for some shopping. I have never been so uncomfortable in my life….as soon as you step off the bus you are almost attacked by the peddlers wanting you to buy things…they will even take you by the arm and try to get you into their shops. You can’t just shop without being followed or yelled at. And some of the shops are like small storage size shops back in alleys..and you can get turned around very easily. We didn’t speak spanish, so at times it was difficult…. If you are staying in the resort area..there are a few shopping malls and alot of different places to go see. All of the resorts will have information on different excursions.
The beaches are nice and the water is beautiful. Kids can drink at 18 and can go into bars with their parents even younger. Locals would rather deal with Pesos than american money, and be careful with the exchange can get confusing……
We were there a week and had a blast…if you are offered the chance to tour the Moon Palace..its worth it……we stayed at the Royal Sands which is a 5 star… But when we toured the Moon…it is amazing…its an all-inclusive and so big. Its the only 6 star in mexico…….Just for touring it…we were given a free day pass…which included all the food, drinks, activities we wanted to do…I was also given a free hour long massage and hour long facial…a bottle of tequila and passes to 4 different excursions..all free…….they will try to sell…but get you gifts and say no thank you……..other than that…just have a great time and use plenty of sunscreen.

Lisa asks…

Have You Traveled to Cozumel in August?

I’m looking for a good all inclusive resort in Cozumel to visit in August that is kid friendly, but not kid focused. Any suggestions? Also, is the heat unbearable in August?

Tijuana answers:

Meliá Cozumel Resort is a top notch all inclusive, well known throughout Mexico. The Melia is perhaps the best all inclusive as far as Food and activities go. Rich Mexicans know this and of course bring their families along. We stayed at the Melia in Puerto Vallarta and there were 3 kids clubs! One for toddlers, one for 4-12 year olds and one for teens with video games etc . They even had a picnic campout sleepover one night and activities for the kids all day long!

Yes it will be hot in August so plan on doing your sightseeing in the morning or evenings, you can always cool off in the Caribbean though.

Have a great trip!

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