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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Kids

Steven asks…

Absolute best destination wedding on the beach?

I want to have a destination wedding on the beach. Anyone have a great personal experience? Maybe in the Carribean or Mexico?

Tijuana answers:


Jamaica…. It’s a big industry there, totally legal. If it’s just the 2 of you then I’d say Couples Negril, a totally All Inclusive Resort that’s really really great… And yes, TOTALLY all inclusive, even the marriage! If it’s a larger group, or includes kids, then Silver Sands in Duncan. You’ll need a wedding coordinator but they’ve got a really nice lady associated with them who’s family is in the floral business that does a GREAT job.

Helen asks…

Good place to get married in Mexico?

I’d like just a small ceremony with my fiancee and I on the beach. I want to wear a small wedding dress and be barefoot on the beach. We would then like to spend the rest of the week there on vacation. I would prefer not to be in Cancun; maybe Acapulco or Puerto Vallarta.
We have a 3yr old that may attend the wedding. We have decided if we’re doing it alone or with a few family members

Tijuana answers:

Playa Del Carmen has a resort called the El Dorado Royale (not the El Dorado Seaside). I’ve been to there a few times and it’s beautiful. It’s a 5 star all inclusive resort. The first time I went my room was right off the beach (across a small sidewalk) and there was a wedding site right there. I laid in the hammock on the patio of my room and watched several weddings. The food is fantastic and if you want to go into Playa, it’s about a 5 minute ride. Their website is: and then look up El Dorado Royale

They have wedding packages and also private bungalows (stayed in one of those the second time. And it’s 18 years old and up so no kids running around. Best wishes.

Betty asks…

What is the best way to spend the least amount of money in Los Cabos, Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

Well that’s easy…don’t go! Lol. Just kidding. Hola. But it can be pretty expensive here in Cabo. Best way to not spend any money is to book with an all-inclusive resort, and spend most of your time using their facilities. As soon as you step foot off the resort grounds, you’ll be paying, whether it be taxis, nightclubs, activities, shopping, eating, drinking, you get the idea.

If I were 18 again, I’d probably do what I used to. There are a couple of nightclubs in town that offer free tequila if you participate in audience games, or if you go there before 4pm. You can always eat at the taco stands that are located pretty much everywhere, just follow your nose. Lots of stuff to do on the party beaches (medano), people watch, or swim, or even hook up with other people and go off on a booze cruise or something like that…sometimes people just want a crowd to come along. I used to hang out at the marina and meet and talk to people. It was easy to get invited onto a boat, or to a party or even out fishing for the day. Then of course, there are the timeshare presentations. You can usually get a few freebies with that. Say an ATV sand dune trip, or snorkelling, or even a zip line adventure. If you are outgoing and carefree and friendly you should have a great time, without spending too much money! Have fun. See ya here.

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