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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Kids

Laura asks…

Drinking at all inclusive Cancun Mexico?

Im going on a trip to Cancun in June 2008, and my birthday is July 2008, in which I’ll be turning 18.. Kind of a bummer.. Is there any way at the Riu Cancun resort at 17 years old almost 18, be able to get some drinks.
Please fill me in.

Tijuana answers:

Yes, you will be able to drink. The drinking age in Mexico is 18, but they NEVER enforce it. Cancún is a tourist destination and they rely on your money to make a living so if you want some beers they are going to do whatever it takes to make you happy. Since you are staying at Riu Cancún and you booked an all-inclusive package they just put a all-inclusive wristband on you and you are good to go. Think about all the underage kids you see during spring break drinking beers at the resorts. They don’t care if you are underage. I have seen kids that couldn’t have been older than twelve drinking in Cancún. Like I said, the drinking age is 18, but the do not enforce it and look the other way at it. Since you are going to almost be 18 you will look old enough to them to be able to drink so they won’t hassle you about it. You’ll be fine and able to drink. Enjoy your time!!!

Linda asks…

best resort in cabo for two 20 year old ladies?

Me and my friend really want to get away next summer and Ive been to cabo and really liked it, I stayed at the royal solaris and it was nice but id like to try something different. We would like to have a resort with bars so we don’t have to leave and also a place where there aren’t a bunch of little kids or old people. I know they will be just about anywhere but its worth mentioning.

Tijuana answers:

Temptation Resort Spa Los Cabos is All Adults/All Inclusive and has five bars. Click this link to see some pictures and read more details:

William asks…

Is September/October a good time for a vacation in Cancun, Mexico?

We’re looking for a nice resort vacation around the end of September, early October. We have two kids and will be flying from NY. Any recommendations (both on region, and specific child-friendly resorts) for that time frame will be highly appreciated!

Tijuana answers:

Two years ago I was in Cancun in mid-September for ten days right after Ivan–yes, you’ll be going in hurricane season, so BUY TRAVEL INSURANCE and go through a reputable agency like or and the like.

We stayed at the Royal Solaris Cancun–it was good, but firmly 3 stars. Best coffee ever, but the whole place was mostly for drunks and kids, not great for quiet relaxation. However, Cancun was GREAT and really beautiful. The lightning and storms over the ocean ever night were fantastic. Get a beach view and don’t skimp out and get a lagoon view.

The beaches were black flagged (can’t wade or swim) but we still went on good snorkelling excursions and boating trips–water completely unaffected, even by a really big storm.

Last year, in late September, we forked over a few more bucks and went ~2hrs from Cancun to TULUM and stayed at the SUNSCAPE TULUM. About 3 mins from the ruins and the cute town of Tulum. SOOoooooo much more to do than when we were in Cancun where everything was a three hour bus ride away. Cheaper too.

The resort was the most amazing place I’ve ever been to–subtle, upscale mexico with lots of outdoor areas. More 5-star motel than high-rise hotel. The food was the best all inclusive anyone could ever ask for–I was NEVER disappointed. The service is prefection. The place is immaculate and the maids/fridge stockers/landscapers are never seen but always make an impression–perfect again.

They do have room service, the bars have premium liquor, the a la carte restauraunts (delicious) don’t always require reservations (low season) and there is plenty of free parking if you decide to rent your own car. The buffet choices were varied and quite good, we never tired of it, but the Italian and Sushi restauraunts must NOT be missed! They beaches are beautiful and well maintained, AND, they have their own fresh-water cenote! The rooms are spacious and comfortable, but very few have ocean views. A small price to pay for all the other plusses. The smallish pool is ~1/4 salt water and usually very warm, a little too warm on really hot days–but then there is the cenote, which is COLD. Waiters will bring you copious amounts of drinks, towels, food (and whatever else you can think of) at the pool or on the beach. They have an outdoor theatre, a great water sport center that includes scuba instruction and tours, a spa (lame), and a whole building just for kids. Lots of organized activities, but you’re never forced to participate.

Kids shouldn’t miss Xel-Ha (I loved it too and it was my first snorkel experience–go for the all inclusive route) and older kids/adults shouldn’t miss a cenote dive and yal-ku lagoon (must bring all of your own stuff). I’d go to the Sunscape Tulum for every vacation if I could! And September/October is usually just fine!

Have a BLAST!

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