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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Kids

William asks…

What is the 5 worst countries you’ve ever been?

Except your own country…………
Ian, have you ever been there?

Tijuana answers:

I’ve only been to 6 countries!

Canada, USA (where I live), Mexico, Germany, France and Poland.

Hmm, well, Poland was probably the most unattractive but it was becoming so much more modern and was really on an upswing. The people were awesome so how could I say I hate that country? I may be biased because I have family there, but I can picture it being almost like Germany within 20 years or so.

Germany- SO MODERN, CLEAN, AND HISTORIC. It’s what you’d picture a Utopian society to be like. No kidding. But there wasn’t a ton to do and it did get boring after 3 days, but if you were a regular person living there it would be great.

France- Beautiful country, though I can only speak about Paris and anywhere east of it. Good food, people were surprisingly nice contradictory to the stereotype and it was very well kept.

Canada- What the US wishes it was. Just kidding, but it was pretty clean and reminded me of the Pac NW.

USA- Well, I live here. There is so much to do and so many things to see! Everything is so different and you can never get bored here! I love everything about my country, it’s just the politics I can’t stand.

Mexico- BEST. FOOD. EVER. Great beaches. But once you step outside your chain of all inclusive resorts the poverty in some areas is really crushing. Lots of crime, too.

So, to answer your question, I’ve only been to one bad country, and below I liked every country besides Mexico in my top 5 ‘worst’ countries.

5. France
4. Canada/US
2. Poland
1. Mexico

Maria asks…

If you are going to go to Mexico on a kid friendly vacation, where would you go? Inclusive or noninclusive?

Any suggestion on where to go???? I really want a fun time to take my 13 & 12 year old boys

Tijuana answers:

I always go on an all inclusive trip:
Kids normally don’t differentiate between a three star and a five star resort.
They will be happy with the freedom that they can have on the vacation
You can sit and relax – don’t even have to think.
You know how much you are spending on the vacation before you go.

Drawbacks are that
you have to pick a GOOD all inclusive.
You end up paying “double” every time you leave the resort to eat outside.

I am a single father and I always go to the all inclusive. The kids love it – and I don’t have to worry.

Go to Cancun / lots of activities and choices. Other choices are Ixtapa and Puerto Vallarta.

Have fun and buen viaje!

Lizzie asks…

What are some good all inclusive and kid friendly resorts in Playa del Carmen, Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

The mahekal, which is on calle 38 on the beach. Beautiful resort, not a standard building, but private cabanas on the beach. Great play area for kids, and amazing restaurant. From what ive heard, they used to be called the hotel shangri-la, but underwent a name change recently. Highly recommended.

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