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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Kids

Susan asks…

Great all inclusive resort in Mexico for kids?

We would like to go to Mexico with our two children who are 8 and 11? Does anyone know of a good kids resort that isn’t overly crowded or expensive?

Tijuana answers:

Your best bet is to stay a bit south of Cancun. The moon palace is a great place, actually in Rivera Maya. It away from the noisy club area of Cancun, but not too far where you can’t take a cab downtown. The grounds are very large, with two swimming pools almost too big. Tons of activities for kids. Here, check out the site, I loved it.

P.S. Pretty soon the King of Cancun will disagree with everything I said, but check out the web site and check for yourself. Have Fun!

Joseph asks…

What is the best all-inclusive resort in the Carribean or Mexico?

I’m looking to go on a vacation in the Caribbean or Mexico the week after Easter with my husband and two daughters. The resort needs to have five or more restaurants, a kids program and water park, nightly shows or entertainment, and entertainment by the pool. It needs to be in the lower price range, but still be a nice resort. We have been to the Crown Paradise in Cancun several times now, and would like to try something different. A balcony, swim up bar, and in-room mini bar would also be nice.
it would also be nice if the dinner restaraunts didn’t require men to wear long pants

Tijuana answers:


Steven asks…

Cruise destination for a ladies only birthday cruise?

My friend and I are planning a special birthday gift for our 30th birthday and we are wanting to take a cruise. We have 3 years to save up and we are both wanting a nice tropical experience but we’re unsure exactly where to go. I’ve never been anywhere tropic and she’s never been outside of the our home state. We are getting our passports so it can be ANYWHERE. Any ideas as to the perfect destination? We will be 30, both married with kids, its our special gift to eachother. Please put why you believe your answer is the best choice. Thanks.

Tijuana answers:

Just an idea (and it costs about the same):

Consider a week at an all-inclusive resort** in Mexico on the Yucatan peninsula. [the Mayan Riviera, Cancun down to Tulum.] You can lay around in the sun and drink all day*, do casual activities, go swimming, etc; or take tours and see the famous sights and do some adventurous activities.

Cruising is very nice, but 3/4 of the time you are on the boat, and then you get to a port, get off, look around, maybe do a little something (which is not much unless you can afford the expensive activities) and then you get back on the boat. An “all-inclusive” is like a cruise ship, except on land, and you have lots of time to experience the area, and enjoy the experience.

{Some people swear by the all-inclusives on the Pacific side. Each has its own tropical experience, so you need to get info and make a choice.} There is also Hawaii !!!

** you can pick one to suit whatever style you want; including no kids, “relaxed” dress code on the beach, one that has on campus restaurants that appeal to you, a quiet place, a party place,,,,,

*included in the price, unlike on a cruise ship

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