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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Spring Break

Ken asks…

Need recommendations for resorts or get-away spots!?

I FINALLY got hubby to tell me he doesn’t want to have a re-commitment ceremony. Which is fine with me (saves us money and me the job of planning the event). He doesn’t want to go to the Bahamas or the US Virgin Islands for our 10 wedding anniversary. I suggested we also look at all inclusive (meals, drinks, activities) resorts in Mexico, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, or Montana. Anyone have any good places that they went and or recommend? I would mind hearing some stories. We are going to be gone the whole week of our 10th wedding anniversary which is in the month of March.

Tijuana answers:

That’s Spring Break in Mexico. Lots of teenagers learning how to handle alcohol.

Hawaii is probably a plca you could go then, although there aren’t a lot of all-inclusive deals there.

Arizona has a lot of spa resorts in Sedona which you might like. It’s hard to say without knowing what you like.

Ruth asks…

Drinking Restrictions/Marijunana/What to do at the “BLUE BAY CLUB”?

Im going to the Blue Bay club in Cancun, Does anyone know first hand if they are strict on the 18 drinking age since its all inclusive? If so what color is the wrist band? Anything about the Blue bay club is appreciated. Any partying there? Bars near by? Alcohol or clubs near by? marijuana near by or in the place? thanks!

Tijuana answers:

I have never came across any hotel/resort in Mexico that is strict on the drinking age. The very first resort I stayed in in Cancún I witnessed a kid ordering beers. He couldn’t have been more than ten-twelve years old. You will have no problems getting a beer. Keep in mind all the teens that go there for spring break and they all drink, so it’s not a problem. It’s Mexico and they depend on tourism so if they give you want you want it helps them out. The wristbands won’t matter. They are to just signify that you are staying at the resort. They have nothing to do with age and if you can/can’t drink. It’s not a known resort for partying. You may want to rethink going there or transferring to a different place. I don’t know if you are going to like it there. All the clubs and bars are a bus ride away. I will give you a link to read some reviews of it and check out pics of the resort. As far as the last part of your question….I think I answered one of them yesterday, but all you need to do is go to the little flea-markets and look for the local Mexcians walking around with backpacks. They have the good stuff you want…wink, wink! More times than not they will approach you and ask if you are looking for something in particular…they know what you want and will take care of you. Good luck and enjoy your time!!!

Lisa asks…

15 years old, going to Cancun with my dad, wanting to party?

My dad and I are both party animals
this November we are going down to Cancun to “get away” for awhile
We are going to be staying at a resort (an allinclusive with drinks included)
Will I be able to get alcohol at the resort bars? (im 15 but i have been mistaken for as old as 23 in the states..)
What about clubs? Cigars?
Then what are the restrictions on me bringing home alcohol and cigars?

Tijuana answers:

Well the legal drinking age in Mexico is 18, but you probably won’t have a problem. They tend to “look away” at underage drinking. They do not enforce the drinking age at all, especially during spring break. So, yes you will be able to drink. Especially if you are there drinking with your dad they aren’t gonna give you any trouble about drinking. They rely on your tourism money to survive so they will give you anything you want. You shouldn’t have any problems with the clubs either. They don’t card everyone like they do in the US and cigars you’ll be fine also. They walk up and down the beach selling them all day and they don’t care how old you are. Just remember it’s Mexico and you can pretty much get away with anything. You’ll be just fine. As far as bringing home alcohol and cigars you will probably have a problem there and wouldn’t recommend trying it yourself, but your dad will be able to bring alcohol back and NO cigars are allowed back into the US. Have a blast!!!

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