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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Spring Break

Ken asks…

I’ll be going to Cancun in March for spring break.. How much money should I think about bringing there?

Probably a lot I’m guessing.. the flight and hotel costs $1,697? how much for drinks and clubs and such? I am not good with planning trips at all! First trip I’ve planned

Tijuana answers:

If you are in an all inclusive, you can get by with a lot less than if you have to pay for food and drinks in your resort. Really should include all information in your question.
Take your ATM card, the ATMs are all over the place. Just let your bank khow you will be in Mexico so they do not lock your account down. Withdraw in Pesos, pay in pesos, because that is the legal tender in Mexico.

Jenny asks…

Anyone know a good place to stay in Playa del Carmen, Mexico?

My friends and I want to start planning a final spring break trip since it’s our senior year of high school. I don’t know what hotel is a good one to go to where we can be in a nice place but have the option of going out and having fun (without being in a sketchy location).

Tijuana answers:

You’ll definitely want to be careful when you’re booking your “spring break” trip, because many hotels in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen have a “no spring breaker policy”.

In Playa del Carmen I would recommend you stay at the Riu Yucatan or Riu Playacar. They are both within walking distance to Fifth Avenue in the town which has restaurants, shops and some nightlife. There was entertainment, they are reasonably priced, buffets and ala carte restaurants and it was a younger type fun crowd. The beach is also pretty large. Actually when you book at one of the hotels, you can use the facilities at either (there are about 3 resorts in between them, so it’s an easy walk. You can also use go to the Riu Tequila right across the street (not on the beach) and it has a disco. Really any of those three resorts would probably be what you’re looking for.

Either way, I would probably go All-Inclusive and book and air and hotel package. Http:// will give you a 10% rebate when you get home, so it might be a nice option for you to save more money. It will end up being cheaper than say an expedia or travelocity and they’ll help you out more if you run into problems.

Sandra asks…

Traveling to Mexico during Spring Break or Summer?

We would be staying in an allinclusive resort in the RIVIERA MAYA and probably not leaving it.
When would it be cheaper? Better time to go? More fun? Less crowded?

Also can you go to Mexico without parents if you are 17 and traveling with a non-related 18 year old?
OH by the way I don’t mean typical college spring break-I mean over easter like the beginning of April!!

Tijuana answers:

What do you mean not leaving the resort? You are going to one of the most unique and beautiful places in Latin america, get out there and explore. It is very safe there, I go every year and would go more often if I could. Check out these places out online on YouTube and you decide whether it is worth leaving your resort, check out XPLOR, adventure park like not other in the world, also XCARET, cultural park with exotic animals and Mayan dancers, XEL HA park is the largest aquatic park, Also, CHichen Itza mayan pyramid, one of the new seventh wonders of the worlds! A magical place, you can buy tours to all these places from your resort, now visiting these places are not cheap about $100 a pop, cheaper if you book multiple places at ones. An other mayan pyramid – ruins is TULUM, The best is look these places up on YouTube, but look at videos, they have high definition short videos on all these places. Make a big effort to go to these places! Better if you don;t go during peak season, early summer and spring break, spring time is best, not so hot like late summer. You don’t need parent permission to leave the country to Mexico, minors can now travel it wasn’t that way a few years ago. All inclusive resorts are great, except if you will be out all the time sight seeing, then you are waiting you money because you’ll want to eat where ever you are at, particularly these theme parks, they provide food and snorkeling gear!

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