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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Spring Break

Lizzie asks…

Can anyone recommend me of a good website to find travel packages??

I live in Oklahoma City and i want to go to Cancun or Los Cabos or Puerto Vallarta in Spring Break, does anyone knows of any good websites where i can find good deals and things like that??

Tijuana answers:

I can recommend three fantastic websites for travel to these these three destinations that you mentioned {Expedia, Travelocity & Orbitz. I work for all of them as a travel agent & they even let you book on line & they’ll book your RT airfare & everything else you need.

Check their websites, they have a toll free number if you need to call them & they have some excellent photos of the resorts & more. They also have the price lists you need.

Remember Cabos San Lucas & Puerto Vallarta are on the west coast of Mexico & much further from you than Cancun. Cancun is on central standard time while the others are on pacific standard time & this is quite a difference is flying time & miles. Your RT airfare is a lot less to Cancun.

Cancun is also a better choice since you can find many more resorts that have cheaper package rates, especially if you want an “All Inclusive” which will include unlimited food & beverages {including alcohol}. You said spring break so you must be a student & I assume you’ll be drinking a lot. If this is the case then you’ll get ripped off if you don’t take the “All Inclusive” for drinking & the food menu is great.

I would also suggest a town called Playa del Carmen which is only a few miles south of Cancun & it’s much cheaper. Another even cheaper area is Cozumel; it’s an island only a few miles off the coast of Cancun. It’s a forty minute boat ride for a $10.00 RT ticket so you can visit both places. The ferry leaves almost every hr. & you should check out the ancient Mayan Ruins.

Cozumel also has an international airport for you to fly into & they have much better water activities. You can scuba dive, skin dive, horse back ride, golf & play tennis. They have an underwater marine park & you can see it from their “Atlantis Submarine.”

Have Fun & Good Luck. Book now, they’ll fill up fast!!!

Susan asks…

I’m from Texas and want to do a destination wedding in Mexico or the Cayman Islands. Idea on cost per person?

We are set on destination wedding, please no comments about being selfish etc. I want as little stress as possible and I don’t mind spending money for a vacation with the people I truly care about as opposed to $20,000 for a four hour night that is shared with a ton of people I don’t care about. We do plan on paying for our wedding party.

Tijuana answers:

I don’t think you’re selfish. I’m also doing a destination wedding! I just don’t see how it’s selfish to choose to NOT go into marriage $30,000 in debt just for one day! 🙂

If you’re from Texas, I’d imagine the flights would be pretty cheap to either of those destinations. I live in Canada, and an all inclusive to Mexico can be as little as $600.00 per person, including flight, accommodations and all food and beverages, which includes some activities. Have you decided when you’d like to get married yet? If you go during high tourist season (Late October to the middle of April), you’re likely to score a better deal because there are more packages of all inclusive trips to choose from. Between Februrary and the end of March, there are amazing deals because the companies are trying to advertise to college aged students who are typically on a lower budget. Spring breaks fall within this time frame, so you do risk sharing a hotel with partiers. We’re not so bad, really! 🙂

Go to your local travel agent. You might be able to get a good deal if there are enough of you booking all at once. If for some reason you were inviting people that you don’t intend to pay for, look for a travel agent that allows you to put your trip on an increment payment plan. Usually, there’s no interest, but the trip has to be paid in full before your wedding.

It might interest you to know that some resorts offer a free wedding ceremony if you book all inclusives with them. It wouldn’t hurt to ask your travel agent about these places. The wedding receptions are nothing fancy, but so far, from my research they are simple and beautiful and very romantic.

Good luck and have fun! Shop around! Do comparisons of hotels. Just because a hotel says it’s a 4 star, doesn’t mean you will absolutely love it. Check user-review sites for comments from people who have been on these trips, used these airlines, and stayed at these hotels. Be traveller-savy. Pick up books on your destination. Learn a few key sentences in their language. You’ll have a blast! Congrats!

John asks…

puerto vallarta or cabo san lucas for senior spring break next year?

the question basically explains it…my class is going somewhere not in mexico but my friends and i really want to go to mexico and were torn between puerto or cabo!

The MOST important Component is that there must be a lot of other spring breakers and major partyingggg!!!!

ps any advice on hotels?
must be all inclusive and nice(price doesn’t matter)
swim up bar:)
lotsss of other spring breakers to party with!

Tijuana answers:

Hola. Cabo is the better choice because our town is becoming the new spring break destination. The best place to stay for a group is the Riu Palace because its an all inclusive and is close to town and all the fun nightclubs. PV will be cheaper, but because they are both resort towns, the party atmosphere will be at both.

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