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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Spring Break

Robert asks…

Good place to vacation in Mexico?

In February my boyfriend and I and some friends are planning on going to Mexico (or somewhere hot…). What’s a good resort/place to go that’s fair in price and a lot of fun?

Tijuana answers:

I would recommend somewhere in the Mayan Riviera. It’s about 40 miles from Cancun I think. It’s a lot more peaceful than Cancun because the spring break type crowd doesn’t hang out there as much, but it’s a lot of fun. It’s very beautiful also. Check out the Playa Del Carmen area and Tulum. I stayed at Bahia Principe Tulum in 2003. It was all inclusive, which is always a plus. We visited lots of Mayan ruins and beaches and went to Xel-Ha, which is a nature park, but it was the best part of the whole trip!

One place I would not recommend to anyone except hard-core scuba people is Cozumel. The island is so small you can see the whole thing in 1 day, the beaches are rocky, and the hotel we stayed at wasn’t very nice. It was a good experience, but I wouldn’t return unless I become a scuba diver (it’s supposed to be one of the best scuba places).

Ken asks…

Pick my Spring Break destination! 18 year old female with one friend?

My friend and I have the amazing opportunity to go on a Spring Break trip next March with NO parents. Both our parents pretty much said we could go anywhere too! We’re are looking for somewhere preferably out of the country (Caribbean, Mexico, etc) but not too dangerous. We’re not HEAVY partyers but we are looking to drink, have a good time, and meet some people our age.. or college-aged. Any suggestions? Specific resorts would be great also! Allinclusive please 🙂 Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

With your age in mind, I’d still consider South Padre Island, Texas. Even though your parents said “anywhere” I think your own personal comfort level will still have a factor on how much fun you have. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, it won’t be fun at all.

If you are going out of the US, I would consider doing Nassau, The Bahamas if you live on the east coast, or if you are the west coast, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico as it is more or less untouched thus far with mexico drug cartel violence.

As you’re 18, you can’t “take a cruise” as someone posted below…there are age restrictions on that. My company doesn’t offer the Bahamas, but we do offer South Padre Island, Texas & Puerto Vallarta.

If you need more advice or info, email me The info is FREE and you might want to let us quote at trip package for you.

Inertia Chad…OUT!
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Donald asks…

where to go for spring break that is hot, cheap, and fun?

Me and my friends wana go somewhere for our spring break that will be hot so we can lay out and tan. also it needs to be cheap because we are poor college students. Also, wed like to be able to go out but we are only 19/20 years old so would be looking for a 18+ clubs. we were thinking about driving to save money to a place like miami or something. any ideas guys?

Tijuana answers:

How cheap? There are sometimes some all inclusive resorts in mexico – so you could drink there 18 and over… Check out I think you can sometimes book air, hotel, all inclusive (food and drink) for like $700 but it might be a little run down or something, but it would be hot.

Good luck, also try maybe costa rica you can stay in hostels for like $10 a night. Just need the flight down — go to the pacific coast jaco, quepos, manuel antonio

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