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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Young Adults

Susan asks…

Vacationing tropical lands?

My mother (who is a young looking 44 year old) is planning to go on vacation with her husband. She asked me to research for her where she should go. Only problem is that I HAVE NO IDEA. She only has about 5000. She says her husband doesn’t like cruises, so I can’t tell her to visit all the caribbean Islands. And Hawaii seems expensive. Cancun? Bahamas? Barbados? DR? PR? Jamaica? Belize? Bali? Virgin Islands? Brazil? Is Bali unsafe because of terrorists? HELP!

Tijuana answers:

They have some lovely all-inclusive resorts in Cancun or Riviera Maya area.
Some are adult only. Check this website for ideas and prices.

In Cancun all the RIU RESORTS and PALACE RESORTS are very nice. They are all-inclusive resorts and have decent food. The white sand beaches and aqua colored water are beautiful.

There is alot to do in the Cancun area. They can visit the Mayan Ruins, take a ferry over to Isla Mujeres (Island of Women) rent a golf cart, tour the island ,stop for a swim on Norte beach. Head to Xel-Ha the world largest aquarium. Swim the dolphins.

$5,000 is a nice budget. They should not have any problems finding a nice place to vacation in the Caribbean or Mexico.

If you have any specific questions, just ask away.

Good luck in your research. Check out for more island ideas.)

Laura asks…

best all-inclusive in Mexico?

My family is looking for a fun allinclusive in Mexico. We have two children ages 18 and 20 so we would like to go somewhere that they would have activities they could do! Any suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

Rui Palace, Playa Del Carmen, (20 miles south of Can Cun). A truly 5 star hotel, and the nicest I have been to in all of Europe, U.S. And Central America. Several restaurants ranging from beach buffette to shirt and tie restaurant, part of the all inclusive. Also beer, softdrinks and whisky bar in your room, part of the all inclusive. Non motorized beach toys included. Several Lounges, etc.

Across the street is the Rui Tequila, that caters to the young adult crowd. Dancing and partying every night. If you stay at one Rui resort, your all inclusive includes all Rui resorts, so you can drink and party for free at the Rui Tequila. Also if you go to Can Cun shopping there is a Rui hotel in Can Cun so you can eat and drink there for free.

Mandy asks…

going to mexico. drinking?

i am 17 and i am going to mexico. i am going to a place by cancun. i will be at an all inclusive resort. how can i get drinks? will i be carded? do u have to wear a bracelet? if so is there any way i could get one? if i need one would it be possible for my parents to slip theirs off and give it to me and have them get a new one and say theirs fell off in the ocean?

Tijuana answers:


First off if your parents register you as a minor you will get a minors bracelet which will clearly be different then your parents meaning you won’t be allowed to drink. If your parents register you as an adult however you will get the same bracelet as theirs and be allowed to drink all you want. Some resorts check ID’S and or Passports for minors who look suspiciously young. I don’t think your parents will want to act like they lost their bracelet as every all inclusive resort charges from $100-$300 for losing your bracelet!
If you do get stuck with the minors bracelet never fear, have your parents get you what you want while you are out under a palapa or in the ocean or in the pool, nobody will notice or care, and as long as you don’t get drunk and obnoxious things will be fine. Most waiters are more worried about tips and keeping guests happy then who is drinking , though if you don’t have the right bracelet they won’t give you booze. The hotel is not going to call the cops and cause a scene because some 17 year old had a few beers lol.

Mexicans are generally lax about children and drinking. I see kids show up at the liquor stores every day buying beer and even tequila for their parents…

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