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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Young Adults

George asks…

Surfing resort hawaii?

Hi i want to surf and i would love to visit hawaii. I live in new jersey and i’m thinking about going to a resort in hawaii that teaches people to surf and stuff like that. Anyone know an estimate price? Tickets to fly to hawaii, resort stay, lessons(would that be part of the resort?) and food.
i would stay for 2 weeks.

Tijuana answers:

You are going to want to visit the city of Honolulu on the island of Oahu, and stay at Waikiki, especially if this is your first time. Waikiki usually has great beginner’s waves that don’t break too much, although wave size varies slightly with the seasons. I can’t think of a hotel that includes surfing lessons, but schools are everywhere around Waikiki or in Haleiwa on the North Shore. The hotels can refer you to one. If you are thinking of “all inclusive” resorts in Hawaii, except for one exception on the Big Island (Kona Resort) it does not exist because labor and food costs too high compared to Mexico or the Caribbean.

There is a popular surfing school run by Honolulu firemen, in back of Waikiki, “Hawaiian Fire”. They will pick you up or meet you at the beach. They are not “young local kids”, and are well-trained in safety as well (naturally!). Prices are about $100 for at least 3 people, to $179 for private adult lessons (less for kids). Lessons are 2 hours long. You can check their rating on TripAdvisor where they are #1.

If you want to snorkel (Hanauma Bay for instance), rent your gear at Snorkel Bob’s (it is a large chain with shops on all islands), rental is about $20-$30 a week for decent snorkel gear. You DON’T want to buy in Hawaii, because if the mask does not create an airtight seal and leaks, you will kick yourself. By renting, you can swap until you find one that fits.

You should go on a hike into the jungle (lush tropical forest, go to Manoa Falls or Mauna Wili Falls) or hike Diamond Head (extremely hot in the crater, but great view at the end). You can do this yourself (bring VERY strong flip-flops, extremely muddy) or go on a tour with a group. It is slightly more hazardous than “temperate” or “alpine” hiking, because the moisture makes the trails slippery and sticky. Wear repellent!

Consider renting a car on the island, at least for part of your stay Rentals are amazingly cheap, about $200 with tax a week or sometimes less, and you can go to “that deserted tropical beach” see Pearl Harbor on your own, go to restaurants, etc. Otherwise, there is a bus system (called “The Bus”) that is cheap and takes you to most places.

Hotels in Waikiki are all prices. But, if you want to be on the beach or at least adjacent to it you will pay a lot more. The cheapest adjacent to the beach in Waikiki that is decent is a hotel called the Park Shore. It is clean but has not been renovated for years, but the location is amazing, right across from Kapiolani Park on the corner, and has unimpeded views of Waikiki Beach. Still going to put you back $125 with tax or so a night however. Otherwise, for 2 weeks you might want to consider renting a condo, but there are very few “on” the beach.

Food, well, that can be pricey. Consider a lot of the food is imported from the mainland or from Asia, so transport costs are getting higher and higher as energy and gas costs increase. You will do best by eating local food (teriyaki chicken, rice, manapua, macaroni salad, saimin or ramen noodles) and that runs perhaps $10-$15 or so for dinner. Take out food is very popular, so you can do take out and then go sit on the beach. There are low cost breakfast/coffee shops in Waikiki, try Wailana Coffee Shop or Eggs ‘n Things, both on the Hilton side of Waikiki that run $8 to $10 for breakfast. If you are desperate for mainland food on the cheap, there is always McDonald’s, Denny’s and IHOP in Waikiki 😉 !!

And finally air, well that is all over the map depending on how far in advance and for what season you book. If you fly out of Newark, usually a bit cheaper than JFK or La Guardia. Checking on line, prices start at $630 in July to well over $1,000 round trip. Prices are MUCH cheaper in the middle of the week than weekends.

Mary asks…

I am looking for a vacation for my family to go on during next Christmas.?

Does anyone know of anything that I can do? I come from a family of 5, mom, dad, 3 older sisters and me. My parents and my youngest older sister and her daughter live in Michigan. My older sister, her husband and 2 kids live in Texas. Myself and my middle sister, her husband and 3 kids live in Florida. We would like to all be able to get together and go somewhere warm for Christmas. Maybe a cruise or allinclusive resort. Something good for adults and kids. Please let me know if you have been on anything similar or any ideas you may have. Also looking to save as much money as possible so Disney cruise is pretty much ruled out. I know how much it costs for that during that time and I don’t see that as a possibility. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing your answers.

Tijuana answers:

Carnival cruises are great for families of all ages at any time of the year. There are great kids clubs and i hear nothing but wonderful from families that have gone. Here is a link to a carnival cruise in the caribbean that would work well for you. Http://

If you would prefer to go to a resort, i went to this one with my family in 2007 and it was amazing….

hope i helped!

Nancy asks…

Looking for a mix of Party/Couples Resort in Cancun Mexico?!?

Me and my boyfriend (22 & 25) are going to Mexico the second week of April. We were looking for a resort that has a younger crowd but is still a bit higher class. I stayed at the Oasis Cancun last yr with some friends and had a amazing time. But this yr I am looking for a resort that isnt so wild.. I want one that has a swim up bar and is well taken care of and has nice superior rooms, but during the day you can still pump music and get loaded drunk by the pool. Any suggestionsss?!!? thanks 🙂

Tijuana answers:

The Golden Parnassus Resort and Spa is All Adults/All Inclusive with 5 Bars including 1 swim up bar. View the pictures and read the details here:

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