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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Young Adults

Ken asks…

How do I convince my parents to let me go to Cancun for my senior trip during spring break 2010?

I want to plan a trip with two other girls to Cancun to stay at Oasis, allinclusive hotel. I have strict conservative, Christian parents who would have many reservations of me going. How do I convince them to let me go? I am a “good” kid. I volunteer at church for Sunday school, play in the worship band, get decent grades at school, and play sports. Any suggestions of things I could say to counter-argue what they’d have to say about me not being allowed to go? I already brough up the prospect of me going somewhere for spring break with friends, and their response was, “maybe,” But I didn’t mention we want to fly to Cancun. I’m not going to lie, I would get incredibly smashed there and do things they’d never know about, but I don’t want them to get the idea of that’s what I’m going for. In my defense, I am going to “lay in the sun, read, sit by the pool, and relax for a week.”

Please help with your suggestions! Thank you very much!!!

Tijuana answers:

Ok my advice is if you wanted to be treated like an adult then you need to approach your parents like an adult. Tell them in detail what your plan would be. Tell them you work hard to keep them satisfied with you, you get good grades, you do not get into trouble in school or otherwise (only if you dont lol), and honestly you feel like you deserve to be able to go on a vacation with 2 of your friends. If you are paying for it even better you can use that and say you earned the money to treat yourself to a vacation. Get the point across that it is a school function (I dont know how yours will be but ours did have some faculty go along. One of there worries could be, “It is too dangerous for a young girl to be alone in Mexico”. That is a hard one to come back with but you can say, again it is a school function you will be with your friends and do a little research but I think Cancun is a very touristy place to be so as long as you stay near the resort area and beaches you should be fine. Also this may be a gamble and would depend on your parents but if they ask you about drinking I would tell that they drinking age there is only 18 and that you may have a couple beers (this is incredibly risky though, you may want to go with something else). Maybe bring up why the trip is even happening, you are celebrating your graduation from highschool into the real world. It should be time for you to be treated like an adult.

Hope this helps!

Sandy asks…

2 months old baby to tunisia?

i am expecting my 2nd baby 22 july.
we were going to book a holiday, all inclusive for a week to tunisia on the 20th sept, now though, not so sure.
has any one taken a baby this young away??
was it too hot?
my other boy will be six, who will be coming and my partner and i.
we cope with most situations well, and my little boy was always coming everywhere with us, but we neve took him him abroad that young. so wondering how the baby would cope.
i know they’re all different but has any body have any 1st hand experiance??

thanks xx

Tijuana answers:

I just took my baby to an all inclusive resort in Mexico when he was 2 months old. He turned 2 months old after we arrived in Mexico actually. Everything was fine. It was very hot but the key is to make sure you keep the baby in the shade. At that age they are of course too young for sun screen and you have to be worried about overheating but if you’re in the shade mostly and your room is air conditioned you will have no issues.

Since I’m breastfeeding the trip was quite easy. I’m not sure I’d want to do it with a formula fed baby though – it would be hard to sterilize the bottles etc and mix formula and not being able to use the local water supply would make things very difficult.

My son had no problem whatsoever flying. Either make sure you are breastfeeding him during take off and landing or have a soother in his mouth and make sure he is sucking. This will ensure the pressure in his ears is equalized. My son was great on the plane – better than some of the adult passengers! 🙂

If you have already travelled with your young son you will be aware of the usual limitations (can’t party til dawn, can’t climb a volcano, etc) so you will be better prepared than most to travel with an infant.

I am travelling again with my baby next week (he’s now 3 months old). This time we’re flying to El Salvador (another all inclusive resort). It’s even hotter in El Salvador – I can’t wait to get away from all the snow!

Have a great trip!

EDIT – Ignore the ridiculous comments from Morosan. That is total BS – blood coming from ears, nose, etc. He’s either a troll, 10 years old, or smoking some crack. The only one to respond who actually has travelled with a infant is me. Some people have too much time on their hands. *sigh*

Daniel asks…

RIU Cancun Drinking Age?

I know the drinking age in Mexico is 18 but not widely enforced. However at the RIU cancun resort is all inclusive and there is wristbands. Would a 15 or 17 year old be able to go up to the bar with a child bracelet and get liquor and beer? Especially in july during their busiest month? If you haven’t been to the resort or know nothing about it or the general attitude towards alcohol in the area, please dont answer. and no speeches on young kids drinking, thats not the question. i just want the facts and the answer to my question.

Tijuana answers:

Was there with my family 3 weeks ago. This hotel is good. Never saw an under aged get drunk. DO NOT even try getting alcohol. They wont let you. Besides you’re going to feel embarrassed and stupid after your hangover. If there’s an adult with you; then that’s a different story. Have fun

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