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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Young Adults

Ruth asks…

Would it be easy to get alcohol at an all inclusive resort in cancun (im 16)?

or would they not serve me?

Tijuana answers:

At an all inclusive hotel they issue everyone a wrist bracelet when you check in.. One color for adults and one color for minors. You must wear your bracelet at all times as security is very tight at these hotels. Jobs are hard to come by down here and no bartender in his right mind would jeopardize his or her job just to give you a beer. Now stranger things have happened down here and you might find an adult to order you a beer and chug it down away from the crowds but if you are caught by staff or security you and the adult you are checked in with will be told that under age drinking is not permitted. No hotel will put their license on the line for that. I have read many stories on this service of young people saying they drank all they wanted but I have lived here for over 11 years, owned and operated three bars in the past and we never allowed under age drinking. I have taught English for the past 4 years and have had many bartenders,servers and management pass through my classes and they all have agreed they do not serve to minors. But it is Mexico. You will have a better chance scoring outside your all inclusive hotel. Sorry I am sure this is not the answer you wanted to hear, but if you stick around I am sure someone will answer they got beers and they were only 12.

Nancy asks…

Need help with finding a hotel in Cancun, Mexico?

What is the most popular allinclusive hotel in Cancun, Mexico for young singles in the age group of 19-23?…and also What does the allinclusive deal include and for how much?…thanks

Tijuana answers:

Like the last person said the Oasis is known for being the March break party spot. MTV went and filmed there a few years ago during march break and this year much music (Canada) went there. I’m 38 and I went there about 5 years ago with my husband we found it o.k. But what we didn’t like was the fact that the hotel bars closed down at 10 p.m. (to get you to go out to party) as well I found the guards very pushy and bossy. I came back from buying tequila at wal-mart to bring home with us and the guard asked to look in my bag, then told me I wasn’t allowed to bring booze into the hotel. When I said I was leaving that day and it was to go home he took my bag and said I could have it back when I left. No other hotel has done this before and they made me feel very uncomfortable.
I’m going back in a few weeks to temptation resort it’s been our 3’rd visit and we love it. We really like the fact that it’s a small resort and very personable. It’s for ages 21 and over and the bar is open until 2 or 3 a.m. And there’s also a fridge with beer in your room. The hotel is newly renovated which is really nice and there’s people of all ages. It’s really not as risque as some people think it is a topless resort and one pool is called the sexy pool it has a pool bar and 4 jacuzzi’s built into the pool. There they play music and have a bunch of silly adult games (similar to what you see during march break), they also have a volleyball pool and one pool that’s called the quiet pool. It has 3 jacuzzi’s built in as well as a pool bar. Personally, (and everyone’s different) I liked the quiet pool because it was never crowded and the bartender was always ready with refills and the jacuzzi was always available.
The all inclusives are different at every hotel but they always include food, drinks a room and your flight as well as a bus to your hotel and back to the airport at the end of your stay. Each hotel is different some have room service included, some have a stocked fridge, the riu cancun even had a little bar in your room by the stocked fridge with 3 full bottles (1 tequila, 1 rum and 1 vodka).
We always take the last minute deals from we keep watching the deals about 2 to 3 weeks before going then when we see a good deal if we don’t know the hotel we go to the expedia website and check how people have rated the hotel and read some of their
reviews of the hotel ( keep in mind some people are really picky so try to look at reviews from people your own age that are interested in the things you are). If you can book last minute you can find some amazing deals, sometimes you can even get low priced deals on suites or even jacuzzi suites. And remember the hotel doesn’t know that you’ve gotten a deal so they don’t treat you any differently as far as they’re concerned you could have paid full price. We just booked a week at temptation for $630.00 each plus tax.
Good Luck!

Joseph asks…

Best all-inclusive resort in Mexico for young adults (18-20) to party during summer?

Me and a couple of friends just turned 18 or will be turning 18 within the next couple months. We were looking to celebrate by taking a trip to Mexico for around a week sometime in July. We are looking to stay at a clean allinclusive resort located on a beach with a good atmosphere, decent food and a fair number of amenities and nightlife (or nightlife nearby). It doesn’t really matter where in Mexico we stay the main thing though is we are looking to party, drink and relax on the beach the whole time we are there and would like to be around other people around our age who are looking to do the same thing, as I know many allinclusive resorts are targeted towards an older crowd.

If you could provide the name of the resort(s) you think are the best and either explain why you think that and/or provide a link to a website which supports your resort that would be appreciated. Thanks for the help

**PS: We are all students, on student budgets, so it would be a bonus if there was a reasonably priced resort**
Not sure if it is worth noting, but we will all be straight males if this makes any difference
I am coming from Calgary, AB, Canada; although I have a friend who works at an airline so we can get really cheap plane tickets so don’t need to worry bout that

Tijuana answers:

There is a town just south of Cancun about an hour, called Playa del Carmen. You will find the famous 5TH Ave here which runs the entire length of the town and is never more than two blocks off the ocean. You can walk the whole tourist area without ever having to take a taxi.This town is famous for this and will save you a ton of money and allow you go to more clubs.Along 5TH ( La Quinta) you will find 100’s of shops, bars and restaurants as well your comfort food ie; McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway and Domino’s. In Playa we have all the hot spots for late night entertainment. Most are open till 5am. Coco Bongos, La Santanera, Carlos and Charlies, Senor Frogs, a new night club Pink Elephant, and the famous and the oldest hot spot, The Blue Parrot right on the beach open from 8am to 5am. A must stop while you are here. All of these clubs are on or one block off 5TH Ave and you can walk to all them in les than 10 minutes. Here you will find hotels one block from the beach for as low as 30US dollars a night and up. Save money and use it for the parties.Sugar soft sand that never gets hot and beaches you can wade out for 50 yards, safe without rip tides or rocks. People from all over the world come here, all ages. We are family fun during the day and when 10pm comes the town takes on a second life and the action heats up. Women are here.
We are centrally located to all the tourist attractions like the ruins of Tulum, Coba, and the 7TH wonder of the world Chichen Itza.. Theme parks Xcaret, Xel-ha, Xplore, and Wet and Wild. The island of Cozumel and Isla de Muyeres ( Island of Women). Snorkeling, diving, kite boarding,rent a Harley, para sailing, rent a jet ski or the new seabob.
Hotels that are all inclusive in Playa will run about 950 and up for a week. The link I provided has a list of all inclusive hotels. Make sure if you plan to come here the hotel is in Playa del Carmen, not Playacar or the Riviera Maya. You didn’t say where you are coming from a little difficult to add in air.
Hope this helps. If you got another question just ask as there are several people here who are experts on vacationing in and around Playa. You may contact me directly as I live here and have so for the past 12 years.

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