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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico Playa Del Carmen

Linda asks…

Considering a Trip to La Playa Del Carmen, Mexico?

My fiance and I are planning a romatic getaway to LPDC, Mexico and was wondering since there are several hotels in the area, which hotel is nicely located. My defination of nicely located would consist of accessibility to the beach, area spots (food and entertainment) and a mild nightlife. I am not interested in staying in Cancun, but wondering which hotel in La Playa Del Carmen would be recommended by some Yahoo! users. I am considering Secrets Capri Riviera. Any Answers?


Tijuana answers:

This was the first REAL vaca my hubby and I took ITS GGGGGGRRRREEEEEEEEEAAATTTTTTTT you will love it we stayed at the Iburostar people there were so friendly the resort was very quite and romantic, very lush and tropical and it sits right on the gorgous beaches. They were all inclusive so we ate right there the food was decent they also have a night club at the resort called mascara I believe. This city is nothing like cancun. Hubby and I also took a few trips to Cancun that was more upbeat party party area.

Sandy asks…

Holiday in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico… Dollars or Peso?

Hi, I’m going to Playa Del Carmen in March and I was wondering which currency to take with me.

We’re in an all inclusive accomodation but I’m wondering which would be best for shopping in the town/paying in shops etc.

Many thanks x

Tijuana answers:

Here’s a map of Playa del Carmen. The dollar signs show the locations of ATMs there:

Some resorts may have their own ATMs in the lobby, but they may charge a fee on top of the bank’s transaction fee, but you may not see it until you get your monthly statement from the bank.

Current exchange rate is about 13 pesos for each US dollar. If you buy things with dollars the store or restaurant will probably calculate the rate at 10 pesos to the dollars, so you’d loose three pesos on every dollar. You can also pay for tours and large ticket items with a credit card.

Richard asks…

Which hotel/resort should I stay at in Tulum, Playa del Carmen, or Cancun?

I am going to Mexico in November for a friend’s wedding. She’s getting married in Tulum. She mentioned checking out hotels in Playa del Carmen. And we fly into Cancun. It’s going to be a vacation for my girlfriends and myself. Where should I stay, and how much should I figure in for transportation? Would it be a better time staying in Cancun and paying for a cab to Tulum, or vice-versa? I’ve never been out of the country so all suggestions would be appreciated.

Tijuana answers:

Dreams and Gran Bahia both great properties and have AC and are all inclusive in Tulum

We have stayed at 2 in Playa.. Riu palace and Iberstars

Down the road aways is the Barcelo.. Good beach fanstastic snorkaling and nice resort – closer to Tulum.. But further from playa nightlife

Near the Barcelo at a gas station is a place called Taco Paco.. Outstanding fish and shrimp tacos and cheap

Tulum is a long haul from the airport, but the beaches and laid back atmosphere are worth it

If your looking for night life, try playa or cancun

Cab are expensive, however buses are cheap and pretty safe
For transportation once you are there the concierge should be able to help you – negotiate the price

There are lots of hotels, but those are the only two I can speak about

try for great traveler reviews and pics and more information about getting transportation.. You need to have this set up BEFORE going to Mexico for your ride from airport to resort

Also once you get your luggage and move through customs go straight to the doors and look for your transportation.. ALL the people inside are looking to screw you out of your money.. They are the dreaded time share people

Also take a PEN with you on the plane to fill out your immigration forms – this will save time and get you to your resort faster

Checking out the reviews before you go can save alot of aggravation

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