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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico Playa Del Carmen

Donald asks…

Family vacation at Playa del Carmen Mexico.?

We are planning a vacation to Mexico in June. This would be our first time vacationing out side of US with our boys (2, 4 and 6). How is the flight? Who are the people? what is forbbiden? what is allowed? What to avoid? Who to avoid?Can someone direct me to which beaches are the best for kids, which resorts? What to do? Which adventure to go to? What are the best restoraunts. I heard somewhere that there is walmart near some resorts.Is it aircodinioned? hows the weather? is it like florida/humid and muggy in summer? Can somoene refere me to a website where everything is explained. or can someone direct me to what direction and where or simply their experience. Thank you.

Tijuana answers:

My wife and I go to the Mayan Riviera each year for our holidays. We fly from Vancouver Canada to Cancun, which is about five hours and forty minutes. The flights we use are chartered. The first couple of times we used a travel agency which has all inclusive packages. The cost covers flight, resort, food, drink, resort entertainment, and transfer from the Cancun airport to the resort and return. Doing the all inclusive package is much cheaper and there is less to try and organize yourself. We now have our favorit resort which we are now members of their travel club, so just use the chartered flight there and back. We did try an on line travel company once for a trip to Cuba, and will not do that again. The resort we were supposed to go too didn’t have our reservations, and we ended up at a resort that was just awful.

The best beaches are in the Playa del Carmen area. The closer to Playa the better. Our resort is adult only, but we have friends that have children and stay at a resort called Azul Fives. We have been there to visit with them a couple of times. The resort and beach is fantastic. There are other family friendly resorts closer to Playa that are within walking distance to the fifth ave Market. The market stretches for several blocks, and has all sorts of stores, restaurants, and bars. There is a Walmart but we never went shopping there. We saw it on our way through Playa to a theme park.

The resorts have tour and excursion desks where you can organize outings. There are so many things to do and see you won’t be able to do it all. There are a few theme parks where there is something to do for all ages. I would give Xcaret a miss if you are taking a 2 and 4 year old. The package consists of a show in the evening, which is the best part, but goes past nine at night, and is an all day excursion.

Summer in the Yucatan is hot and humid, and also rainy season. There is a possibility of tropical storms, and is also hurricane season. Many people still go during the summer months, and I’m not saying that you will run into bad weather, but it’s possible.

At the Cancun airport, once you get your luggage and clear customs, keep walking until you get outside of the airport. On your way through, there will be people trying to offer discount tours. Most of them are trying to get you to a timeshare, so ignore them. If people approach you when your in a store or out on a tour, you may find them timeshare sharks. Just smile and say no thanks and walk away. Some resorts try to get you to go to a timeshare seminar for their resort by telling you they have a tourist Information talk, this too is a trick for the timeshare people. If you do get caught up with these people. Do not take a credit card or passport with you. They will ask you to bring these with you to a seminar.

Cancun and the Mayan Rivera is a beautiful place to holiday, and see’s well over three million tourists from all over the world each year. You will find the people that are looking after you in the resorts very friendly and want to make your holiday the best you have ever had. A lot of the resort staff come from all over Mexico, and some are locals that can give you good ideas for places to go.

Check out a travel agency. These people have lots of experience with getting you what you want out of a holiday safely there and back home.

Ruth asks…

Can Any One Recommend Me A Resort in Playa Del Carmen?

I was originally planing to go Cancun but i want to feel more like i’m in Mexico then America…
This will be my first time traveling to Mexican Riviera and any advice will be greatly appreciated!
I’m looking for a resort that is good suitable for a 27 Year old Married Couple we like to do lot of activity’s like Dolphins, Snorkel , Wave Runner Ect.. … We are looking for a ALL Inclusive Beach Front Resort Near the town to enjoy the night life and clubs like CoCo Bango..
I’ll be going in July Maybe During July 4th Weekend… Will i expect anything different?

Thank you in advance…

Tijuana answers:

In Playa del Carmen we do not have many all inclusive resorts. We are famous for the smaller resorts/hotels, and of course the famous 5th Av. Playacar the sister city has the all inclusive hotels but is a long and expensive taxi ride back or a shuttle van at their time schedule. The best all inclusive are the hotel Real (ree-al). The Royal (adults only) and next door Gran Porto and Real Playa Carmen family hotels.At the Royal you are at a diamond resort on the beach and only a block to the famous 5th Av. Unlike the Isla de Cancun here we are all walkable no need for a taxi. Playacar sister city is to the south and a long and expensive taxi ride or a shuttle van service at their time schedule. Being 27 you will have more fun being in Playa exploring the town and meeting people from around the world.From your hotel Coco Bongos is a mere 5 blocks a leisurely stroll down 5th passing shops, restaurants and bars from around the world. This hotel will offer excursions to several parks that offer not only swim with the dolphins but each park has a different theme. July we find families from around the world on summer vacation with the highest percent being Mexicans.
I have lived here for the past 13 years so if you have another question or if I can help you with anything more just contact me.

Steven asks…

Mexico Resorts?

Looking for an all inclusive family beach resort somewhere on the East side of Mexico!
Any suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

Playa catalonia maroma. Its mostly european…we were one of the only english speaking groups…but it is awesome. Its not like the rest of them made for americans but its really mexican. If you want the culture, than playa catalonia maroma is one of the best ones. Bonus: its only like 20 minutes from playa del carmen!

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