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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico Playa Del Carmen

Mary asks…

Has anyone ever been to Playa Del Carmen Mexico? Is it fun? Safe? what nightclubs do u suggest?

Tijuana answers:

I just got back from there this last Friday after a week’s vacation. I’ve also vacationed in Cancun, Cozumel, and, Puerta Vallarta, Mexico before and every one of these places is unique/different. We stayed at the Occidental-Allegro resort there and had an “unique” experience; many of the “beachfront” resorts have lost their beaches in the last month or so due to odd weather causing the tides/weather patterns to go in the opposite direction and erode the beaches (ours was totally gone as was one next to our resort and the other had lost much of theirs)- the beach erosion also caused damage/leaking to the resort pool which had been put right near the beach. The heart of the resort area is set up so that most are about a mile or so South of the city and the downtown (shopping/dining/bars) area- very walkable which we did quite often or a $5 cab ride each way. The main drag (5th Avenue) extends for a couple miles itself (no cars are allowed on 5th Avenue) and they are extending it as we speak; there are endless shops, bars, restaurants, etc on 5th Avenue. The area is totally safe as long as you don’t mind dealing with the numerous shop owners all “enticing” you to visit their stores. Although we went “all-inclusive” at our resort (and the resort actually had excellent food which was its best feature), we did go out to eat for lunch and dinner often. La Parilla in the heart of 5th Avenue was probably the busiest restaurant and the food there was really good. Slightly “off the beaten path” on 10th Street between 10th and 15th Avenues is the Tango Taco- if you like steak, you need to visit here for dinner (I don’t believe they open until like 4 or 5 pm); Tango Taco is a little “hole in the wall” and off the main drag as mentioned- it is an Argentinian steak/Mexican-based restaurant and, believe me, noone knows steak like the Argentinians based on this and other experiences. We also had a pretty decent meal at the Tequila Barrel bar/restaurant on 5th Avenue- stay away from the Tacolota (forget exactly where it is) which was just mediocre. All these places mentioned also serve beer (I think I sampled each Mexican beer and enjoyed the Modello Especial as a bit heavier and the Pacifico as my choice for a lighter cervaza) and the Tequila Barrel is also a pretty large and impressive bar; La Parilla also offers a variety of drinks- I enjoyed the “dirty monkey.” Don’t know what your bar “type” is but there is a huge variety. My two favorite places were actually fairly small places- the Yellow Submarine and the Siesta Fiesta Hotel; both these places are among the numerous places on 5th Avenue. The Siesta Fiesta had live music each night (ranging from various 70’s to 90’s rock cover bands to a bunch of young Mexican kids performing African percussion music- actually quite impressive) and a good spot for people watching right in the heart of 5th Avenue; although we never ate there, it also looked like the Siesta Fiesta Hotel/bar/restaurant had some pretty impressive looking food. The Yellow Sub was an even smaller place on the second level situated over a shop in the heart of 5th Avenue; the theme of the Yellow Sub is Beatles (obviously)/classic rock but they were playing alot of more current music like Evanescance(?) (and some Pink Floyd) while we were there. We also had an expensive drink at the Blue Parrot (my beer and my brother’s rum and coke were $10) right on the beach after briefly watching their fire dancing on their (largely eroded) beach and a couple other “fancier” places; generally any bar/club with a known name (Carlos Y Charlies) or situated on the water you are paying more money. Besides the shopping North of the resorts, there is also a very small shopping area in the middle/South of where most of the resorts are; selection is limited there, prices are probably slightly more there, but you don’t get “solicited” like on 5th Avenue. If you go and stay there and are looking for “the beach,” it seemed like most places in town or North of town actually didn’t suffer the beach erosion like most places South of town. If you think I can be of any more help, if you want advice on the side-trips, or are also interested in nearby Cozumel (which you can also get to very easily from Playa Del Carmen and which I probably know better than any of the other Mexican locale), feel free to shoot me a message. As everyone else has said, if you like “clubbing” and are the party animal-type Cancun would probably be the better bet; Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel are both more mellow/sedate/quiter. I’d also suggest checking out; most recent reviews I saw for our resort and the area seemed pretty accurate.

Linda asks…

I’m going to Mexico in a week to the Mayan Rivera area outside of Cancun near Playa Del Carmen etc…?

What should I expect this time of year? How much money should I bring? Is it safe to eat the food there adn drink? Are there a lot of English speakers there? What kind of food do they have..etc

Tijuana answers:

Yes the people there for the most part will understand what you are saying and most of the guests will all speak english all though there is a big group of French people that seem to travel to Mexico.

The food is safe and the resorts have systems to purfiy the water i still would only drink bottled but I do have drinks with ice and have never gotten sick.

I have been there in July and it was nice I was there in May also I preferred may over july just because it is so hot. Remember to pack tons of sunscreen you have to wear something even if you think you don’t and it’s so expensive to buy there.

If you are staying at an all inclusive resort then you won’t need money besides tipping cabs if you plan to go anywhere, gifts, or if you want to eat off the resort. I would take at least $500 but it’s totally up to you. I usually use my credit card as much as I can because the exchange rate is better plus if they rip you off when buying something you can dispute it. I have been ripped off buying at the flea market etc and my visa card took care of it no problems.

They have a good mix of food if you are staying at decent resort so there will be mexican as well as burgers, etc. I always stay at Dreams Resort it is great and the selection is huge. You should do a day trip the horseback riding one is fun as well as the 4-wheeler one they are about $100 they pick you up drop you off and you get lunch too. It was great.

Enjoy yourself and apply sunscreen every couple hours the sun is so much hotter there and I always burn easier there.

Pack cold medicine, headache medicine, that kind of stuff so you don’t have to pay an arm and leg for it, if you get sick at all you have to do is go to the drug store and buy a z pack or whatever you don’t have to have a prescribtion it was strange but came in handy it was costly but at least i didn’t waste my week sick.

Have fun

Betty asks…

Cancun, Riviera Maya or Playa del Carmen?

Could you help me decide which one is better for me? We are a family of 5: 3 adults, 2 kids. We are looking for a GORGEOUS BEACH with CALM waters (no surfing). We prefer oceanfront ALL INCLUSIVE RESORTS with great pools. Do you have any suggestion on the place and/or resort name? Thanks so much

Tijuana answers:

Playa del Carmen, the town.Here it is all walkable safe environment for you and your family.No where in Mexico will you find the world famous 5th ave. Running not more than a block from the beautiful Caribbean waters where the beach sand never gets hot. Here you can find 5 star/diamond resorts to small family run hotels on the beach.Walmart 3 blocks from the beach,Burger King, MacDonald’s, DQ,SubWay all one block from the beach. Along 5th Ave 100’s of shops, stores and restaurants from around the world. The beaches here are safe and you can wade out for a football field before it is over your head. Hope this helps if you need more information just ask or contact me directly.

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