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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico Playa Del Carmen

Maria asks…

I’m looking at a destination wedding in Mexico, curious of average costs for this?

Probably Playa del Carmen/Cozumel area. Don’t need to make it legal in Mexico, just a ceremony for friends to see. Definitely would be at a allinclusive resort, that way we can pay a little for some rooms of our wedding party. But I’m looking for more at costs that the resorts would charge, and also the perks…

Tijuana answers:

Here’s a great website to do some research for all-inclusive wedding packages:
Hope this helps!

Robert asks…

Which all inclusive hotel is better overall for 1st trip to Mexico: Grand Occidental Xcaret or Grand Sirenis?

If you know of a different hotel in the Playa del Carmen or Akumal area that is also a nice all inclusive resort, please comment!!!

Tijuana answers:

I LOVE the Grand Sirenis! It is still very new and clean, great beach, great rooms, great food, great service, all around wonderful! Plus, it is cheaper than the Occidental Grand. When I go to the Grand Sirenis, I do not usually go on any tours or excursions, I am perfectly content staying at the resort.

Now, my parents have stayed at the Occidental Grand and loved it. Included in your stay is a one day pass to Xcarat. If visiting Xcaret was on your agenda anyways, then that may be a good choice for you.

They are both pretty far away from the airport, so I would suggest upgrading to a private or non-stop transfer. Also, they are both 30 minutes away from Playa Del Carmen, so if shopping, eating out, or bar hopping is on your agenda, neither of these hotels would be convenient for you.

Carol asks…

What is the drinking age at the Rio Tequila resort in playa del carmen mexico?

I know the drinking age in Mexico is 18 but what about this resort specifically..

Tijuana answers:

18 as others have said. Since it’s an all-inclusive they might give you a different color wrist band (if they use them) that would Identify you as underage. But if you sent a friend to the bar they are likely not going to enforce it much unless you get totally loaded and make an a$$ of yourself.

If you are going to a bar/night club/restaurant where you are paying for drinks, I would say if you look even reasonably close to 18 you won’t have a problem.

If you really wanted to drink and found that your resort wouldn’t serve you I’m sure you could find a store in town to sell you a bottle of rum (or whatever) and just get the mix from the bartender at your resort and spike your own drinks.

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